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[Gate of Babylon] [Level: MAX] A powerful magic, allowing the user to store anything within it. Anything stored within the Gate of Babylon is held in stasis, and returned to perfect condition. The Gate is infinite in size, allowing anything and everything to be stored in the gate and the user will never have to worry about it getting full. FanFiction | unleash Gate of Babylon. Rank: E - A++. Description: An authority usurped from the King of Heroes. Unlike Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon, Shirou's version has a unique property. In the event that a Noble Phantasm of any stored in the Gate of Babylon gets damaged, the object would be repaired and returned back to its original.

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Swords of all shapes and designs, axes and spears and halberds poked out from the Gates as Harry continued to call upon the Gate of Babylon. One for each Death Eater. When another spell could be heard splashing against Ig-Alima, Harry rolled his eyes and dismissed the weapon; sending it back to the Gate in a shower of golden light Gate of Babylon's Known Weapons. Dáinsleif:is a demonic sword from the Nibelungen. Gram:is the sword of the sun wielded by Sigurd, the greatest hero of Northern Europe in the Völsunga saga. It is a demonic sword of glory and destruction that is the model of Caliburn in the legend of King Arthur and also based on Merodach.n two myths, with. The Gate of Babylon was a brilliant sight to view, and the most powerful noble phantasm he had ever seen. Dozens of blades shot through the air as fast as bullets, all aimed towards a single person. The blades were all as sharp as a razor's edge, and as fast and accurate as an Archer class servant's arrow

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  1. The Gate Of Babylon(Passive)(Active)(LV:MAX)- The kings treasure. This is a gateway to a pocket dimension that only you have access to. Allows unlimited duplication of whatever object is put inside your gate, and instantly stores away the original object. Can instantly equip any object into your hands or on your body
  2. Inspired by: golden Queen by sakurademonalchemist. Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Fate/Stay series {Link Break} Lily looked up from the old tome she was reading trying to find a way so that she could hav a child without resorting to being unfaithful to her husband who thanks to a stray curse was made unable to have children with her, the tome she was reading through had been given to.
  3. Haruto Takahashi was a normal highschool student until he was robbed and killed. When he woke up, he was in another world in Kid Gilgamesh's body Record: #2 on Gilgamesh #91 on Fat
  4. utes 20m. MrCrabs4. Ongoing. Ongoing, First published Oct 15, 2018. Naruto Namekaze-Uzamaki is kept in a cage of sorts the world is ruled by females, his family keeps him on a leash and doesn't care about his feelings. Naruto left and abandoned his name for his new name Gilgamesh. He became a king and SSS rank in the Bingo Book.
  5. 'Gate of Babylon' was in reference to an ancient Sumerian king who hoarded great riches and legendary weapons in a massive vault, and it seemed appropriate. The automated name generator in our computers came up with 'Exploding Face', so I chose to go with the former over the latter
  6. FanFiction. Just In. Community. Forum. More. for Fake Gate of Babylon. 3/26/2019 c2 shadowfan999 awesome fic,i hope you update this fic with a new chapter since im curious about what happens next. 1/17/2016 c2 8 animecutylover Woah. Itachi? O.O Yay~! XD Now I'm hyped!.
  7. good luck, but there is this fanfic Insane Gudako, and the mc has a noble phantasm called Black Key Hell that is like Gate of Babylon but instead of sending powerful NBs, it sends Black Keys towards the enemies haha. She likes to call it Gate of Babylon when Gilgamesh isn't aroun

Gate of Babylon: The King's Treasure(王の財宝(ゲート・オブ・バビロン), Ō no Zaihō(Gēto obu Babiron)?) is the Golden Capital that the King's Treasury of Gilgamesh, and moreover the golden key connected to it.3 His main Noble Phantasm, it is the storehouse that Gilgamesh built to store all the world's treasures he claimed in life, referred to as the Divine Gate.4 It. The battle raged as Quetzalcoatl had some trouble with them thanks to Angelica's full use of the Gates of Babylon thanks to Naruto training her. So Quetzalcoatl summons a huge ax and tosses it towards Naruto castle and hit. This shocks everyone as they saw the ax hitting the castle, they knew that Semiramis wasn't in the castle but Naruto was.

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  1. Babylon Gate (王の黄金宝 ゲート・オブ・バビロン, Gēto Obu Babiron ): Known as the Heavenly Treasure of Kings. This is the Sacred Gear of Gilgamesh and primary weapon, it is classed as a potential Longinus by Azazel as a result of his mastery of the Babylon Gate
  2. We're at the first part of Chapter 26 on Stardust, written by Arad! This part includes some info on what XCOM projects are going through research and constru..
  3. Gate of Babylon: King's Treasure. Gate of Babylon Activating. Is a dark red, key-shaped shortsword that connects to the Golden Capital, allowing the user to easily access its contents. It connects the space of reality to the vault, opening an invisible door that allows for the contents to pass through upon the user's command. The items that.
  4. Fairy Tail 72. Avatar: Last Airbender 69. Hetalia - Axis Powers 69. Rise of the Guardians 66. Artemis Fowl 65. Star Wars 63. Danny Phantom 63. Inheritance Cycle 63. Lord of the Rings 61
  5. We're at the second part of Chapter 25 on Stardust, made by Arad! This part includes even more info on some of those XCOM projects!Origination: https://www.f..
  6. These are single handedly the best arts cards in the game, beating Eresh's roughly 3.6 NP gen on her arts card handily. This is approximately a 3.99 NP gen on her arts cards. And she has two of them. And unlike servants like Ereshkigal, her Quick card also has rather good NP gen. It's insane

The last part of Chapter 26 on Stardust, made by Arad! For this one, we take our final glances at the projects that XCOM is finishing up!Origination: https:/.. Babylon: Lit: 1 )The city of Babylon. 2) A place of captivity or exile. 3) Derived from the Greek Bab-Ilani: The Gate of the Gods. Edward Elric opened his eyes, letting his vision gradually adjust to the gloom of the dorm room. The place was Spartan to say the least. Two rickety bunks were pushed against opposite walls, and scrappy, mismatched.

Gate of Babylon refers to the noble phantasm wielded by the character Gilgamesh in Type-Moon's Fate series. Since its introduction in 2004, the ability became popular among fans, spawning various parodies that replaces Gilgamesh with popular characters from other medias Edited by AzerKyuAnime : Fate/Stay Night ( 2006 )Fate/ZeroFate/Hollow AtaraxiaFate/Stay Night : Unlimited Blade WorksFate/Stay Night : Unlimited Blade Works. FanFiction. Just In. Community. Forum. More. for Path of the King. 3/13 c26 Prometheus-777 D'awwwwwwwwwww! entice Rin much like how Ishtar was enticed to Jon Ritsuka on the Babylonia Singularity at the expense of Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon lol! They could even throw on a pair of Avalon's for both Rin and Pendragon to use! UMU! Keelah'Salei. Gil stood up, clutching Eri - who was still munching on apples - and returned his throne and the wine to his Gate. Bending over, the King of Heroes hefted his son onto his shoulder, carefully balancing him, before turning to Bakugou, who immediately sat up straight. It appears that all the excitement caught up with him

The Little Foreigner is a fanfic by Aeonalpha6 that is a crossover between Worm and Fate/Grand Order. Or, a little girl finds herself in an unfamiliar city, makes new friends, and battles villains — while her passenger decides to shake up the local corner of the multiverse. Sufficient Velocity link. Sadly, on January 25, 2021, the. Berserker grabbing Durandal from the Gate of Babylon to destroy a spear. The strength of the weapons is great enough that they can easily clash with Excalibur repeatedly despite normally being mundane objects that would be cut like butter by a Noble Phantasm, and modern weapons turned into Noble Phantasms will be greatly strengthened and have modified capabilities Thus in Gate of Babylon there was both literal / real treasures but these treasures were also the collection of the ideas of mankind and the ideas of mankind given form and thus Gilgamesh assembled the best ideas of mankind. But mankind is not a static thing in the nasuverse. The Nasuverse is a work where process philosophy is very important The weapons fired out of his Gate of Babylon portals at Mach speeds. There was a huge explosion, but when the smoke cleared, Mugino was unharmed. There were several wrecked and burned weapons in front of her, but a few intact weapons behind her We, your friendly neighborhood Whores of Babylon, are delighted that we could bring you some of this stuff ~ and saddened by the fact that we needed to do so anonymously.But with the B5 fanfic climate as weird as it is, we figured it was best to take no chances.. For the record, J. Michael Straczynski has stated that he cannot be in the same place as any fanfic whatsoever for legal reasons

you are to be given a gift. there are two options : 1. Class Card Archer - Gilgamesh (Fate Kaleid Liner PRILLYA). this allows you to Install Gilgamesh into yourself, gaining all of his powers. most prominent one is his Noble Phantasm : Gate of Babylon, a repository of human ingenuity (if.. Adult-FanFiction.Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction.Net Adult-FanFiction.org (AFF, the site), its owners, agents, and any other entities related to Adult-FanFiction.org or the AFF forum take no responsibility for the works posted to the Adult-FanFiction.org by its members Inspired by Fate Stay Night's Unlimited Blade Works and Gate of Babylon, and Kingdom Hearts' Keyblade Graveyard, I created this. Galaxia - The Arsenal of the Solar Keys is a technique owned by Alan, where he summons all the Keyblades of the Solar Girls. That's right, each Keyblade is of one Solar Girl, many of them I haven't even upload. Naruto DxD: The Legendary Prince of Heaven & The Supreme Infinite True Holy Dragon King God Emperor of The 10 Divine Heavenly Commandments / Rise of The Greatest YHVH & The Most Powerful Supreme Holy Dragon King God Emperor of The 10 Commandments is a fan fictional mega multi-crossover series. Misato Katsuragi & Ritsuko Akagi are the daughters of The Infinite Dragon God, Ophis & The True. SG/SI multicross: Self insert is an Atlantis human form replicator, in Mass Effect. Alteran Alternatives (Stargate/Worm) : Fic about Taylor Hebert turning into human form replicator. There are two versions by the same author. Partial fic I found about another human form replicator SI insert

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Synopsis: The Daedalus finds a mysterious gate in the asteroid belt during its shakedown cruise that ends up taking them to an alternate earth hundreds of years into the future, which despite their efforts, becomes infected with a deadly plague. The SGC decides to help them find a cure, and discover shocking secrets about their origins Fanfic writers, please watch this to understand Sasuke's character better. by B_024 in NarutoFanfiction [-] Gates-Of-Babylon 1 point 2 points 3 points 2 months ago (0 children The books aren't perfect but they're pretty good and have a lot of interesting stuff in them. The Stargate fanfiction scene is pretty dead, unfortunately, and many fics along with it. There are a few new ones, though. The Fifth Race and Stargate Omniverse are the ones I found the most promising. 2 A Babylon 5/Stargate crossover. Amann gets transported into the Babylon 5 Universe. You will probably have to read Golden Dawn a bit to know Amann a bit more, but largely this is independent Alas for Babylon, where now, instead of crumbling walls, you come first to a parking lot rimmed by unlikely sand-colored turrets and then, some ways off, to the historic Marduk Gate, an.

Gate of Babylon: The King's Treasure: Gilgamesh's grand treasury. It is a storehouse that contains the countless treasures of the world collected by Gilgamesh. Using Key of the King's Law, Bab-ilu, he can open an invisible door to its contents to summon them whenever he pleases. It contains the prototypes of all Noble Phantasms, which are fired. Gate of Babylon [edit | edit source] The Gate of Babylon possesses all the treasures of the world, including all Noble Phantasms. It is strange to him that he does not know of Apneic Beauty and Authoritarian Personalism. He could understand if they were minor Noble Phantasms, but such powerful ones should be easily known to him Gate of Babylon [] The events concerning the Gate of Babylon occur in the anime series. The ultimate purpose of the X-Laws is the opening of the Gate of Babylon, which is supposedly able to seal away Asakura Hao. Midway through the anime series, the Gate of Babylon was introduced to the protagonists, who were puzzled yet shocked by its meaning

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The Infinite Loops, also known as the Infinite Loops Project (ILP), or the Innortal-style Time Loops, are an ever-expanding genre of Time Loop fanfics.. The premise is that something has happened to Yggdrasil, the World Tree computer that contains and runs the multiverse.As a result, the various universes have been put in 'safe mode', time-looping until Yggdrasil can be repaired The Whore of Babylon is another figure that appears in the Book of Revelations, and a crucial leader of Helel's armies. Along with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, she appears as one of the most recurring antagonists of the planned story Apocalypse Now. In the aforementioned Book of Revelations, the Whore of Babylon is a figure who will lead entire nations astray from God's will, and will. SG-1 has discovered Edora (designated P5C-768), a planet rich in naquadah, the valuable mineral on which Goa'uld technology is based. Beyond this, the planet's small population of villagers are friendly, and most are open to sharing the mineral with Earth.. Before negotiations can be concluded, though, the Edora fire rain commences in the atmosphere. . Once per year, the planet passes. Gate of Babylon [] The events concerning the Babylon Gate occur in the anime series only. The Gate of Babylon is a portal to another dimension that can only be opened by Shamash. The ultimate purpose of the X-Laws is to open the Gate of Babylon to seal away Asakura Hao. Midway through the anime series, the Gate of Babylon was only mentioned to.

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This article is about the Noble Phantasm. For the specific Heroic Spirit summoned in Fate/strange Fake, see False Lancer. Enkidu: Chains of Heaven(天の鎖(エルキドゥ), Ten no Kusari(Erukidu)?) is the Noble Phantasm most trusted by Gilgamesh, even more so than Ea, and the greatest secret stored in the Gate of Babylon. It is a chain named after his closest friend, made to bind the gods. The Gate of Life (生門, Seimon), located on the spinal cord, turns the user's skin red when opened. Other effects include the user's pupils disappearing, their hair standing on end, and bulging veins all over their body. Opening this gate allows the user to perform the Reverse Lotus. The Gate of Pain (傷門, Shōmon) is located on the spinal. Inaccurate Legends by Midnakdak aka Midnak is a completed comedic crossover between Fate/stay night and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.. In the Fifth Holy Grail War, other than Rin Tohsaka's Archer, EMIYA, each Servant is a character from the film. Shirou Emiya's Saber is still Arturia Pendragon, but she has the memories and personality of King Arthur from the film

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Rathenn (Babylon 5) The Price of Peace is canon Shadows Past and Present is canon; select Babylon 5 novels are canon To Dream in the City of Sorrows is canon; Summary Be not afraid. For I am with you, until the end of time. ~ Valen. At the end of season 1, Jeff Sinclair gets hastily, secretly transferred off Babylon 5 SG-1 Novels. Held captive by the Goa'uld Lugh, SG-1 discovers a group of underground operatives who possess a rare gift -- one that comes at a terrible price. Vala Mal Doran, SG-1's newest recruit, simply can't ignore the plea for help she receives from her old friend, Tanis Reynard. And with vital intel up for grabs, Vala ensures SG-1 can't.

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The main body of the Class Card-half of Gilgamesh is composed of a black mist similar to that wielded by Saber, although on a different magnitude.Rather than use the Gate of Babylon its normal way, it spreads the mist over the ground to deploy weapons, both levitating swords before firing and simply striking from below the opponent. Its body is extremely durable, as any damage inflicted is. Volume 14: Unlikely Allies is the third volume in my Overlord fanfiction series, and follows the events of Volume 13: No One Can Escape Fate Despite Ainz being dead, the Sorcerer Kingdom continues to expand at an alarming rate

C'mon, hot shot pilot, we made it. Nice bit of flying you did, there. Michael Garibaldi Lieutenant Warren Keffer was a male Human and Earth Alliance pilot. He served as a Starfury pilot on Babylon 5 and a member of Zeta Wing. After the death of Zeta Leader Ray Galus, he became the new Leader. He was killed in 2259 by a Shadow Vessel. 1 History 2 Personal life 3 Behind the scenes 4. Gilgamesh, also known as Archer, is the secondary antagonist of Fate/Zero and Fate/stay night.. Specifically, he is the secondary antagonist of the Fate route, the main antagonist of the Unlimited Blade Works route and a minor antagonist in the Heaven's Feel route. He is also the overarching antagonist of both stories because of his role in corrupting Kirei Kotomine, the main antagonist in. Solomon's gate(魔剣の王国; Soromongēto; lit.Kingdom of the magic swords) was an mass-product artificial Sacred Gear created by former fallen angel governor General Azazel, to help members of the Three factions alike to store and repair great quantities of weapons in it during the Great Apocalypse. Nowadays, this Sacred Gear is of exclusive use of one of the current Satans, Cohen. Oct 24, 2020 - When Machi and Phinks are cursed by a sorcerer, the Troupe kidnaps one of his mages. It's quickly discovered that Honoka can't discuss anything about the sorc..

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May 3, 2020 - Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more Oh right your fighting style is base on speed, oh how about you try to control numerous weapons like kunais and shuriken and you control it to use against the enemies, you can use it as throwing weapons and you increase its speed and piercing ability by using lightning jutsus. (a/n: Lowkey gate of babylon LOL) Oh right I can try that said. Right now you were stuck in a gold cage. It's powers came from Jeanne and were restricting your furioku. Suddenly it started to move, causing you to tip and fall onto Len, who gripped your shoulders and blushed at how close you were to him. Trey gripped onto him before getting yelled at by ,the still blushing, Len. I do not do this because I want to. I do this because it must be done.... Origins and early career. The group was founded as the Golden Gate Jubilee Singers in 1934, by four students at Booker T. Washington High School in Norfolk, Virginia. According to the group's website, the original members were Willie Johnson (baritone; d. 1980), William Langford (tenor; d. 1970), Henry Owens (second tenor; d. 1970) and Orlandus Wilson (bass; 1917-1998); other sources state. An infection has been spread across the Planet. This infection brings back the dead to life. Nowhere is safe anymore..... but a ground of friends won't give up. they may struggle to survive, but together they can accomplish anything. Not only that. out of the 7 friends two of them have unique abilities

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(Y/N) Gremory 1/3 human 1/3 devil 1/3 divine born from a demi-god and a devil the brother of Rias and the current Lucifer. Neglected and Abused by his parents and sisters along with never knowing his mother he finds his only comfort in books. When he turns thirteen he runs away from his family, he is later found by Az Hyperspace is an alternate dimension which is used for faster-than-light travel between locations that would otherwise take longer to travel to in normal space. The entire dimension appears as a stormy environment that has a constant red hue.[1] 1 Hyperspace Travel 1.1 Jump Points 1.2 The Beacons 1.3 Hyperspace Funnels 1.4 Side Effects 2 Hyperspace Combat 3 Life in Hyperspace 4 See also 5. Fanfic has become more mainstream, embraced by a wider demographic, and more widely spoken about. One outlet that has helped to challenge these perceptions is AO3 . Archive of Our Own is, by its own definition, a fan-created, fan-run, non-profit, non-commercial archive for transformative fanworks, like fanfiction, fanart, fan videos. Attention: This article is a stub and it needs expanding with more information related to the article's topic. If you can add to it in any way, please do so Though FF does not have them in the correct order. It should go: 1) (Prequel) The Hephaestus Chronicles. 2) Earth 2010 - The Colonies of Kobol Reunited. 3) Galactica 2010 - The Fleet Reborn. 4) Galactica 2010 - Avengement. Shadalarion said: Did a search on fanfic dot net and found your profile

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Sam Carter and Jack O'Neill are a classic Stargate couple, who developed powerful feelings for each other in their years of service together. But of course Colonel O'Neill was Carter's commanding officer, and Air Force regulations wouldn't allow them to ever get together. Romance may have never played a big part on Stargate SG-1, but. gate. This makes Io one of the most important Page 6/18. Read PDF Babylon 5 Rpg Earth Colonies Force Sourcebook Pb colonies in the Earth Alliance, and the station one of the busiest. While Mars Colony babylon 5 fanfic Babylon 5 RPG Sort by Featured Best Selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z- The Gate of Babylon is a magic-based technique that is unique only to the Famous Warrior Merchant Gladiolus. The Gate of Babylon is more of large magical book bag filled with weapons and armor, and is not a attack or defense based magic, despite being able to use it for attacking. The Gate of Babylon allows the user to summon multiple weapons such as axes, swords, spears, and etc. The. Tagged as Babylon 5, Fanfic Friday, Fanfiction, Highlander, The Three-Edged Sword. December 9, 2016 · 9:48 pm FANFIC FRIDAY: The Three-Edged Sword, Chapter Six. just on the other side of the gate. He dreaded to contemplate what all of the diplomats would have to say. Babylon 5 was supposed to be a neutral port of call where races could. FANFIC CROSSOVER STORIES From the hands of Yahren Spinners: Crord's Law by Paul Robison (477K) - A Battlestar Galactica 1980/Babylon 5 crossover SG-1 gate to another world where they discover a crashed alien space ship and rescue its pilot. The Cylons discover a new more powerful and deadly foe. With the arrival of the pilot, Earth.

The page was listed in the Lord of the Rings Hidden Whispers directory in 2004 with the keywords English, Fictional and in Chezza's Gate link collection as a personal fanfic site with Sam and Jack related Stargate SG-1 stories. The original page name included the author's full name and is still linked as such on many sites. References ^ FAQ, via Wayback: 17 March 2008 The Gate Will Open Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman's The Death Gate Cycle; updated Jan 1st Fanfiction A selection of the fanfiction that I've written Photography Digital and traditional photographs I've shot and processed Icons Size 100x100 journal icons, mostly Babylon 5 and Battlestar Galactica Drawings Sketches and finished drawings in traditional and digital media immiZINE A 2006 e-zine. Gilgamesh uses the key to unlock the full extent of the Gate of Babylon and the key is necessary to unleash Ea. It can also be used to open any door so long as it has a lock. In life, Gilgamesh ordered the key to be created for his treasury, said in legend to be able to open the gates deep in the Golden Capital Description. Challenge Summary: On Halloween Xander Harris, chosen favorite of Janus the God of Chaos, wears a costume of a an important scifi character, one inexorably linked in the psyches of millions to a specific ship. When Ethan Rayne casts his spell on Halloween night he gets more than he bargained for, as Janus's favor upon Xander. at The Alpha Gate Penance (Stargate: SG-1 - Sam/Janet - BDSM, D/s) - words: 9,700 at FanFiction.Net A New Beginning (Babylon 5 - mentioned Susan/Talia) - words: 12,700 at FanFiction.Net 2009: Gaia - The Princess - Sequel to Gaia (Stargate: SG-1 / Xena: Warrior Princess - Sam/Janet, Xena/Gabrielle) - words: 62,100 at Area5