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There are similarities in the cultural practices of the Nigeria people. The following are some of the similar cultural practices of the people of Nigeria. Political system: Each community in Nigeria has a traditional political system under a paramount chief with different titles. These include the obas, obis, ezes, emirs, and the obongs For example, there are similarities between the Fulani tribe of Nigeria, Hamar Tribe of Ethiopia, and Massai Tribe of Kenya. Fulanis and Massai are the tribes of west and east countries of Africa. They measure their wealth by the number of cattle. Fulanis perform cane whipping ceremony as the part of the marriage ceremony

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Nigeria and United Kingdom living comparison. Explore similarities and differences. The United Kingdom has historically played a leading role in developing parliamentary democracy and in advancing literature and science. At its zenith in the 19th century, the British Empire stretched over one-fourth of the earth's surface. The first half of the 20th century saw the UK's strength seriously. The factors accountable for cultural similarities include dynamics of group life, constitutional nature of man, similarities in human beings in their fundamental make up, the fulfillment of necessary requisites for social living i.e. reproduction and training of the young to be useful members of the society. 12 Why Nigerian Culture must be. The culture of Nigeria is shaped by Nigeria's multiple ethnic groups.The country has 527 languages, seven of which are extinct. Nigeria also has over 1150 dialects and ethnic groups. The three largest ethnic groups are the Hausas that are predominantly in the north, the Yorubas who predominate in the southwest, and the Igbos in the southeast. There are many other ethnic groups with sizeable.

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Nigeria and the United state have been great allies for a long time with the United States being Nigeria's greatest trading partner.Also, approximately 1 million Nigerians and Nigerian Americans live, study and/work in the United States while approximately 25,000 Americans work and live in Nigeria.Today, I'm going to compare the two. Nigeria with India rather than China, South Korea, Brazil, Malaysia, or Singapore, because of the similarities between India and Nigeria. But these countries were not as promising as Nigeria at the time of our independence. Some would say that our undoing is our size: the 2012 United Nations estimate puts Nigeria's population a

Local culture & language . Nigeria is an extremely diverse country, with well over 1000 different ethnic groups residing within its territory. The 4 largest of these groups are the Hausa, the Fulani, the Igbo and the Yoruba. The culture of Nigeria is therefore every bit as diverse as you would expect from a country which is a melting pot of. Similarities. Both China and Nigeria have patron client systems. Both China and Nigeria have had multiple constitutions. There are ethnic cleavages in both countries: Nigeria: Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa Fulani China: Han, Uigher, Tibetans Elections in Nigeria are first-past-the-post and in China it is first past the post for local elections The full list of ethnic groups in Nigeria, their culture, Languages, States, and region they can be found. Nigeria is a country in West Africa, that shares borders with Niger Republic in the north, Chad on the southeast side, Cameroon Republic on the East, and the Republic of Benin to the west

Cultural differences in Nigeria. Culture can be defined as the total way of life of a group of people. The values, behavior, beliefs, and norms they accept are passed on to younger generations through active communication and imitation. Culture consist of various patterns and symbols like knowledge, values, skills and motives United States and Nigeria living comparison. Explore similarities and differences. British influence and control over what would become Nigeria and Africa's most populous country grew through the 19th century. A series of constitutions after World War II granted Nigeria greater autonomy; independence came in 1960. Following nearly 16 years of military rule, a new constitution was adopted in. The Ijaw ethnic group is one of the most popular in Nigeria. They are found in the Niger Delta areas, residing in places like Bayelsa, Ondo, Akwa Ibom, Edo and Delta states. At the last count, Ijaws were numbered more than 14 million people. Historically, most Ijaw people are take to fishing as their occupation Before I list out all the ethnic groups in Nigeria that's spread across all 6 geopolitical zones, let's discuss the three major ones. The Three Major Ethnic Groups In Nigeria and Their Culture. The three major ethnic groups in Nigeria are Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo. They make up 70% of the total population in Nigeria Millones de Productos que Comprar! Envío Gratis en Productos Participantes

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69, Olonode Street Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria. Subscribe From. to Child marriage is a common Nigerian practice. This deprives the girl of education and results in teenage pregnancy. Legislation does not seem to be very effective. It is hoped that will education, girls will be allowed to remain in school until the age of 18. Female circumcision and vaginal mutilation and also common in Nigerian culture One culture is education; Because Nigeria is a mixed society there are over 250 different languages spoken but English is the official language and that is the only way everyone communicate. There is a 6-3-3-4 system of education. 6 years in elementary school, 3 years each in junior and senior secondary schools, and 4 years in college/university Notwithstanding, there are also common areas of similarity in most of the cultures which explains that the people of Nigeria have a common origin and hence, they are capable of understanding each other. But two things are paramount in multi-cultural or highly diversified society: Similarities and Differences Nevertheless, there are common areas of similarity in most cultures, which explains that the people of Nigeria have a common origin and hence, they are capable of understanding each other. But two things are essential in multi-cultural and highly diverse society: Similarities and differences

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Cultural Similarities and Differences. The Indian culture has different languages, which include Hindi, Bengali, and Urdu. The officially recognized language is Hindi with other local languages not recognized by the central government. Texans officially use American English with various variations and accents Throughout the country, the modernization of religions has led to many similarities regarding beliefs in death and burial. For example, Muslims and Christians believe that once a person dies, his soul is released to be judged by God and either sent to heaven or hell. Nigerian Muslims bury their dead with the heads facing the hol

The Culture of Lagos dates back to many years. You have loads of interesting facts to know about the language, food and tradition of the Lagos. Lagos is the center of the Nigerian movie industry, often referred to as 'Nollywood.' Idumota market on Lagos Island is the primary distribution center. Many films are shot in the Festac area of Lagos SIMILARITIES: 1. Our languages (isiXhosa & isiZulu) are mutually intelligible. a Zulu and a Xhosa person can have a conversation, both communicating in their respective languages and still fully understand each other. 2. We are Nguni people, legen.. Filed Under: FestivalOpinion vietnamese and spanish similarities, similarities in a cultural, e-learning similarities and differences, similarities and differences l, 5 cultural similarities in nigeria, 5 kingdoms similarities and differences, how can similarities and differences in culture be determined, gestures that mean different things in. It also has a huge number of devoted supporters amongst different cultural community. It is true that Nigeria is proud for having the biggest Muslims in Western Africa. Islam covered across different local sects. A whole lot of followers belong to Maliki School of law that is the Sunni but also, some belong to Shafi'i madhab..

Reflection On International Culture 1063 Words | 5 Pages. This paper evaluated the Organization's culture progressiveness between Nigeria, Cameroon and South Korea, but I am focusing Nigeria and South Korea using Alder's (2008) questionnaire to determine results that reveal the cultural differences between both countries In Nigeria, the society is vibrant and diverse. With over 370 ethnic groups, there are sure to be differences and similarities between each group. The people of Nigeria are what make the country stand out from others. Nigerian people have a unique culture, symbolic customs, and eventful daily lives. Nigeria has a diverse, unique, and lively. China and Nigeria have similarities in lots of fields, including gastronomy, Nigerians are always proud of their food culture and the cuisine in Nigeria dates back to 9000 years African tradition. I believe that our food culture will be better developed and our peoples' living standard will further improve and our two countries. Nigeria and Ghana compared side by side. Various facts, figures, measures and indicators are listed allowing similarities and differences to quickly be examined

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  1. The Fulani and Hausa cultural similarities as a Sahelian people however allowed for significant integration between the two groups. Since the early 20th century, these peoples are often classified as Hausa-Fulani within Nigeria rather than as individuated groups. In fact a large number of Fulani living in Hausa regions cannot speak Fulfulde.
  2. China and Nigeria have similarities in lots of fields, including gastronomy, Nigerians are always proud of their food culture and the cuisine in Nigeria dates back to 9000 years of African.
  3. ds us that all cultures and civilisation, including China and Nigeria cultures and civilisation, are contributors of the world's sustainable development. China and Nigeria have similarities in lots of fields, including gastronomy, Nigerians are always proud of their food culture and the cuisine in Nigeria dates back to 9000.
  4. From the reviewed literature, see [18, 7], and the studies reported here, it can be deduced that parental practices vary from one culture to another culture and such practices reflect the cultural values of the society. Nigeria is a collectivistic and patriarchal society with values such as obedience to authority figures, compliance with.
  5. The Yoruba people of Nigeria occupy mostly Nigeria's South-West region, comprising of the following states: They Yorubas have a rich cultural heritage and have historically developed a variety of artistic forms including pottery, weaving, beadwork, metalwork, and mask making. Traditionally, the Yorubas are very religious
  6. This explains the cultural similarities of these people with the coreBini ethnic stock. MUSIC, SONGS, AND DANCE: The Igue festival attracts tourists from across Nigeria and abroad. Most of the festivals have a yearly cycle and are open to general viewing and sometimes, participation. Some others like the Obazu festival held among the Aomas.

American and Nigerian cultures are alike in some aspects of life, while being dissimilar in other aspects. This idea is clearly exemplified when one compares their own experience and knowledge of culture in America to that description and portrayal of Nigerian culture as seen through Buchi.. Before looking at the importance and types of culture in Nigeria, its good to know the definition. Culture is defined as the way of life of a group of people. Nigeria is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country of almost 200 million people. Nigerians are a group of people who are so different but still united as one in the quest to achieve a. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria with Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao at the 2006 China-Africa summit. These cultural similarities bind the two cultures rather than any other. Living in Jamaica is like staying in Nigeria; there are a lot of similarities between us. I would miss their culture, music, vibrant nature and most importantly, their friendship. I never felt.

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  1. U.Mi-1 mixes aesthetics from Nigeria, the UK and Japan, places that I call home. I established the brand in Tokyo but we are now based in London. When I lived in Tokyo, I realised that cultures, particularly those of Japan and Nigeria, share more similarities than differences than I initially thought
  2. On the other hand, it calls to question the absolute legitimacy of Waddell's dismissal of the likely shared origin between the Efik and these neighbors (particularly between them and the Qua), merely on the basis of lacking cultural similarities between both groups
  3. cultural relations and we work on the ground in over 100 countries. these top tips have been produced by our intercultural practitioners at British Council n igeria, the majority of whom are nigerian citizens. CulTural Top Tips for uk BusinEssEs Working WiTh nigEria
  4. In 1893, the Yoruba kingdoms in Nigeria became part of the Protectorate of Great Britain. Until 1960 Nigeria was a British colony and the Yoruba were British subjects. On October 1, 1960, Nigeria became an independent nation structured as a federation of states
  5. By Franklin Ojakovo Nigeria as a country has diverse languages, traditions, culture, beliefs, customs as well as taboos. Different parts of the country have their own peculiar beliefs and taboos. The northern parts made up of mainly the Hausas and Fulanis, the southern parts made up of the Efiks, Ijaws, Urhobos, Isokos e.t.c, the western [
  6. The cultural cocktail is the brainchild of Serge Mouangue, a Tokyo-based concept- car designer for Nissan, who joined forces with Kururi, a Tokyo-based kimono- maker, to produce the traditional.

The list of tribes, belief systems, and cultural differences between tribes is long, but there are three main tribes. To understand the Nigerian funeral will depend on the specific tribe, but getting to know these main three is a good place to start. Tip: No matter what a family's culture or traditions are, planning or attending a funeral is. Basically, states in Nigeria North Central do not only share boundaries, they also have similar history and cultural heritage; that was the overall aim of the whole process of grouping Nigeria into geopolitical zones. So, let me now talk about the states we have in the Middle Belt Nigeria, their history and cultural heritage

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  1. Ghana and Nigeria: Jamaica's Not so Distant Relatives. Culture: 'the shared beliefs and forms of a people such as language, material traits, type of music and the instruments used, marital beliefs, social customs, and just everyday rules of life.'. J amaica and Africa share deep cultural ties that survived the slave trade
  2. Centro MundoLengua is excited that you've chosen to study abroad with us! Besides learning and improving your Spanish skills, you will become familiar with the wonderful culture of Spain!However, like in any new culture, you will have to face cultural differences.Some aspects are harder than others, so we've put together a list of the top 5 biggest cultural differences of a study abroad.
  3. ating the Northern region of Nigeria
  4. Introducing The O Element! This week we introduce Cynthia Oredugba and Ndali Ojeikere who will bring you a weekly dose of global sisterhood from Los Angeles to Lagos. They have inspiring conversations designed for all women. This week is all about their cultural differences and similarities, dating and marriage in America vs Nigeria and more

He said that all cultures and civilizations, including Chinese and Nigerian, are contributors to the world's sustainable development. He said both nations have a long history and rich culture, sharing many similarities in lots of fields, including gastronomy. Chinese food attracts lots of local people at the event, June 18, 2021 This is Social Studies Similarities In Nigerian Culture J.S.S 1-20.m4v by Krystal Digital on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people wh Culture is such a unique thing because it is the fabric that holds every community together. Here are 6 cultural practices I find most fascinating in Nigeria: 1. The Fattening Room in Efik and Ibibio land: Usually, women dread the idea of getting fat, but ladies in the Efik, Ibibio and Kalabari clans of Nigeria gladly embrace it (Nigeria) but comparison with Z (Italy) showed profound differences due to differences in cultural values especially with regard to motivation, satisfaction, and employee-management communication. Conclusion was that Western individualist and participative management models are unsuitable fo However, there are also some similarities with other tribes in Nigeria as some names are derived from the day of the week the child was born. For example, Dantala is given to a boy who is born on.

Christianity and Islam are the most common religions of Nigeria. These religions have their own customs and beliefs that are reflected in a family's funeral traditions. However, they do have some similarities; many Christian and Muslim Nigerians believe God judges the deceased's soul to determine their afterlife fate. Many also believe in. The culture of the country is diverse and tends to differ from north to south. Below are some of the most notable things about Nigerian culture. Language . Nigeria's culture is made up of several ethnic groups that speak 527 different languages. The number of ethnic groups and dialects stand at more than 1,150 He said that from his findings, there is not much difference between Igbo traditional religion and the Christian religion. I have been trying to blend Oraeri culture and Igbo culture with that. Cultural relativism is the practice of assessing a culture by its own standards rather than viewing it through the lens of one's own culture. Practicing cultural relativism requires an open mind and a willingness to consider, and even adapt to, new values and norms

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The casual observer in Nigeria will notice the linguistic and cultural similarities between both groups. And for that matter between them and some other Nigerian groups like the Itsekiri, the Igala, and the Hausa whom their oral traditions list the Yoruba as a related group Military Budget as percentage of GDP. 4.350%. 1.990%. Beijing Olympics Medal Count. 110. 100. Location. North America, bordering both the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Pacific Ocean, between Canada and Mexico. Eastern Asia, bordering the East China Sea, Korea Bay, Yellow Sea, and South China Sea, between North Korea and Vietnam CROSS-CULTURAL LEADERSHIP IN NIGERIA AND USA Cross-Cultural Comparison of Effective Leadership in Schools for Children With Blindness or Low Vision in the United States and Nigeria Paul M. Ajuwon, Ph.D. Department of Counseling, Leadership, and Special Education Missouri State University 901 S. National Avenue, Springfield, MO 65897, U.S.A Nigeria and Zimbabwe were in the study. In order to understand the results a word of explanation is needed on what the authors mean by cultural variables. There are as follows: Ignoring differences, or even similarities, in culture can lead to marketers making and executing decisions with possible disastrous results Christopher N. Ibenwa is a lecturer in the School of General Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is also a lecturer in the Department of Religion and Cultural Studies of the same university. He holds a PhD in religion and society, plus 19 years of teaching experience as a lecturer in University of Nigeria, Nsukka

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2009) expects Nigeria's population growth to fall from 2.8% in 1975-2005 to 2.2% in 2005-15. The organisation projects a population of 203 million in 2025 and 279 million in 2050, when Nigeria is expected to have the world's 6th larg-est population; in 2000 it had the 10th largest. Nigeria's total labour force grew from 54.9 mil national cultures share similarities or differ from one another is termed national cultural difference, also referred to as national cultural distance. Moresini et al (1998) defined cultural distance as the extent to which cultural In the Nigerian culture, for example, children are expected to. The Nigerian health care has suffered several down-falls.[1-7] Despite Nigerian's strategic position in Africa, the country is greatly underserved in the health care sphere.Health facilities (health centers, personnel, and medical equipments) are inadequate in this country, especially in rural areas.[1,2,6] While various reforms have been put forward by the Nigerian government to address the. This study explores the differences and similarities in the issues relating to the death of a woman`s husband among these 2 culturally different people in Nigeria. Among the issues explored are the reporting of the death, the rites and sacrifices involved, the care of the properties left behind including the children and the wife (or wives) Cultural Heritage Preservation in a Modernizing Africa: A Comparative Study of Nigeria and Cameroon: 10.4018/978-1-5225-7555-9.ch002: Cultural heritage preservation is a sine qua non for the effective technological, scientific, and economic development of nations across the world. Thi

Nigeria boasts of a plethora of customs and traditions, cultures and festivals, that would appeal to the tastes of the average tourist. (In the Northern States of the country, the customs, cultures and traditions of the people who are mainly Hausa/Fulani, Nupe, Kanuri, Igalaand Tiv are governed by the Musfim religious traditions) Nigeria family lifestyle as a curse, some also see it as a mixed blessing. And that women are the ones at disadvantage whether married or single. Further examination shows that despite an affinity to western lifestyle, the male counterparts still show some male egoistic traits common to Nigerian men, even for those living outside the country The cultural day featured various presentations of music, drama and dance by various groups of students who represented different Nigerian cultural groups. The Yoruba cultural dance was. Origin or Genealogy of the Igbo people of Nigeria. By Sabinus Iweadighi 1 Afigbo A.E .'Prolegomena to the study of the culture history of the Igbo-Speaking Peoples of Nigeria', Igbo Language Also similarities in some Igbo cultural and characteristic traits with that of the Jewish Nok is located in the Jaba Local Government, Kaduna state in northern Nigeria. Nok art was discovered in the archeological sites of Samun Dukiya and Taruga. Similarities between the two archeological sites found in this area suggest a relationship between various farming cultures that employed iron tools (Rupp & Breunig, 2005)

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Bollywood In West Africa: Nigeria's Love For And Fascination With Indian Cinema (VIDEO) By Palash Ghosh @Gooch700. 04/03/13 AT 12:40 PM. Bollywood, India's huge film industry, not only has the. Igbo, also called Ibo, people living chiefly in southeastern Nigeria who speak Igbo, a language of the Benue-Congo branch of the Niger-Congo language family.The Igbo may be grouped into the following main cultural divisions: northern, southern, western, eastern or Cross River, and northeastern.Before European colonization, the Igbo were not united as a single people but lived in autonomous.

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Jamaica,16,17 20Kenya,18,19 Mali, Nigeria,21 and Uganda22,23 - Culture-based handling practices: (1) aggressive massage applied to infants with low tone11 (2) traction applied to infants' head and limbs for stretching11 - Culture-based positioning practices: (1) infants living in Africa carried in slings with little to no hea Cross-Cultural Differences and Similarities in Human Value Instantiation Paul H. P. Hanel 1,2* , Gregory R. Maio 1,2 , Ana K. S. Soares 3 , Katia C. Vione 1,4 , Gabriel L. de Holanda Coelho 1 , Valdiney V. Gouveia 5 , Appasaheb C. Patil 6 , Shanmukh V. Kamble 6 and Antony S. R. Manstead It is within this framework that this essay analyzes sharia and cinema in Nigeria, in their relation to all aspects of human life, from the visual culture perspective. The question that preoccupies me is how contemporary sharia implementation and cinema, as tools of cultural production in Sokoto, are embedded within the Muslim visual discourse Culture in Conflict With Childhood Training and Religious Leadership in Nigeria: Lessons From Daniel: 10.4018/978-1-7998-2574-6.ch008: It is becoming generally accepted that child development is culturally constructed. Cultural values and attitudes regulate child rearing values, developmenta post-colonial economic development policies as well as cultural differences between 4 A more extensive discussion of the survey methodology and selection strategy in both Ghana and Nigeria is provided in: Guichaoua, et al. (2006). This report is available upon request from the authors

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Ghana vs. Nigeria; Culture; Definitions. Food and drink > Alcohol > Alcohol consumed from > All drinks: Average liters of pure alcohol consumed annually from legally and illegally produced alcohol, by the population above 14 years of age. The consumption of tourists is excluded for countries with more tourists per year than resident population There are more than 300 tribes in Nigeria, each with their own variations on the prominent wedding traditions, but the most well-known tribes are Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo, so we'll focus on their unique wedding traditions here. As with many cultures, couples observe tradition long before the wedding day arrives

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by Leo Igwe Black homophobes often invoke African culture to buttress their arguments against gay rights, including the right to marry. But, according to the author, a native of southern Nigeria, the Igbo culture has long nurtured same-sex couples consisting of woman-husband and woman-wife. The practice is entirely indigenous. This marriage practice pre-dates Christianity and the. Nigerian viewers who believe that these texts help build their societies, culturally from below. Chapter One 1.0 General Introduction and Research Question 1.1 Introduction As a country, Nigeria stands out in Africa as a mosaic of multi-ethnic cultures an The Nigerian pyramids bear striking similarities to the first Egyptian pyramid, the Step Pyramid of Saqqara. The Nigerian pyramids were built in circular shape with at least 4 to 5 steps. Although uncomparable in height to the Pyramid at Saqqara, the pyramids of Nigeria were unique architectural examples of the cultural development of the. Wrestling is the most popular sport in the Igbo culture. Wrestling settles disputes and status in the tribe. There are inter-village wrestling competitions and they are held at night. Wrestling is a practice and acknowledgement of skill and strength as well as promotion of values and traditions

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You will have to read on to find out the 5 similarities between Mexico and India which are surprisingly beautiful. #1 Spicy Food. The research says that the Portuguese traders used to export chili to India in the 15th century and it quickly became a popular ingredient in curries and making masalas. And the same traders brought tamarind from India to Mexico, as it grows in abundance in India As per the most recent Universal Basic Education guidelines implemented in 2014, the curriculum includes: English, Mathematics, Nigerian language, basic science and technology, religion and national values, and cultural and creative arts, Arabic language (optional). Pre-vocational studies (home economics, agriculture, and entrepreneurship) and. A Nigerian man is very hard-working compared to his counterparts in Diaspore because. 1. The average Nigerian man believes in a family and the men are expected to take up all the bills at home. 2. The man runs the home irrespective of 'how much' the wife is worth. The Nigerian man is a natural hustler, they go out in the morning and come. ―identify differences and particularities observed in multiple nations and cultures and, by contrast, similarities and universals‖ (Cousineau and Rondeau, 2004). To date, common knowledge about similarities and differences in gender-based violence beliefs and stereotypes across countries remains elusive

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CULTURE Edo is a Niger-Congo language in the Atlantic-Congo, Volta-Congo and Benue-Congo sub- day Nigeria in the eighth century AD and established the Benin Kingdom. The Edo people, however, believe that similarities both religiously and politically with Ancient Egypt. They were the political, social, religious and. The Ikwere people are found in Rivers State and they are generally considered to be Igbo people because of the similarities in both their language and culture of the Igbo people. Taking a bride here is in excess of one million naira, hence it is amongst the most expensive cultures to marry from in Nigeria. 4. The Mbano People of Imo Stat He said it would also promote exchange and transfer of cultural heritage. He said that both Nigeria and Bangladesh, as common wealth countries, had a lot of similarities in their journey to independence, history and culture. The Envoy added that collaboration in motion pictures would offer opportunities in telling their stories together