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  3. Okay, my wife's 2004 Grand Prix with the 3800 Series III V6 has developed an inconsistent hot start issue. On occassion after the car has reached operating temperature it will become hard to start. It'll stumble and quit or stumble and barely start. Eventually after cranking one or two extra times, the car will start and run fine. Upon starting for the first time of the day, the car has no issues
  4. i-van but since GM uses this engine in so many cars,like the GP and others,I hope you leave this here in powertrain so it may help someone have time down the road.So many W cars uses the same engine from GM powertrian division that posting this in Other Cars felt wrong

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1997 BUICK LESABRE. 127,000 MILES. 3800 series 2, when you press gas to halfway point it slows down like you took your foot off, release a little and it goes again, push it past halfway and it picks up. It has power, just bad at halfway. Replaced the gas tank, sending unit and fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator 01 Impala 3.8L 130,000KM , replaced upper and lower intake gaskets. Full tune up including fuel filter. We also cleaned throttle body while off the vehicle and some of the sensors too. Now when first started it would stall, after 2-3 minutes. When it was cold or warm. If you took it for a.. Running too rich - High negative fuel trim corrections can be caused by MAF sensor problems, high fuel pressure, leaking fuel pressure regulator diaphragm, faulty evaporative emissions components, leaking injectors, defective O2 sensors, exhaust leaks/pinholes before the O2 sensor, coolant temp sensor problems, and base engine issues such as low compression and incorrect camshaft timing Buick 3800 Engine Problem Diagnostics. Common Problems with the 3800 Engine: An intermittent chuggle or hesitation that can be felt during light acceleration or while cruising at highway speeds with no Check Engine light or no fault codes set may be caused by intermittent operation of the automatic transmission torque converter clutch (TCC) This is a first check if you have a GM vehicle with a 3800 engine that occasionally stalls. Sometimes the problem is as simple as cleaning an electrical con..

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  1. This is a standalone from a 2003 Yukon 6.0. It had a 4l60, but I installed and segment swapped to a 2wd 4l80. The engine internals are all stock. Exhaust manifolds are Camaro that I cut off the flange and welded 3? exhaust to, air intake tube is 4? to stock (new) Delco MAF, two 90?s with 14? total straight between them and 10? straight before MAF
  2. Buick LeSabre Engine hesitates during acceleration Inspection at your home or office. This hesitation could be potentially dangerous in situations like entering and exiting the highway from an off-ramp, where acceleration may be necessary to merge with traffic. A vehicle that struggles or hesitates to accelerate may be unpredictable and.
  3. I have a 2003 Buick LeSabre. It has intermittent rough idle, the hesitation during accel. and if I keep at it, it will eventually take off like a rocket, run sort of OK for a while, then start it again. On highway above 70 problem is less likely, but sometimes will bog down. Check Engine Soon light comes on, then will go off the next day
  4. 1997 Riviera - 3.8 Liter, L36 - 139,795 miles I'm posting this question in TB because the problem hasn't been solved in other Buick forums. When starting a WARM engine (3800 Series II) the idle is unstable, rough and stumbles for 3 to 5 seconds, then smooths out. It runs GREAT otherwise and..

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The GM 3800 Series II engine, introduced in 1995, is quite a different engine from its predecessor, the Series I engine. While the stroke for the 3.8L engine remained at 3.4″ (86 mm), and the bore remained at 3.8″ (97 mm), the engine architecture changed dramatically In this article, I'll show you how to test the mass air flow (MAF) sensor on your GM 3.8L (3800) vehicle without a scan tool. Now, in case you wondering if this test applies to your specific vehicle, this article covers the MAF sensor on 1996 thru' 2005 3.8L V6 Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac 3.8L V6 equipped cars GM 3800 Service Tips, Techniques, and Advice. When you get an unusual engine noise, the first step is usually to unhook the serpentine belts and run the engine 30 seconds MAX to see if the noise goes away. If it does, the noise is likely due to a pulley, tensioner, or component running off one of the belts. However, that is not always the case 1992 Buick LaSabre. Automatic. 136K mi. Accelerating, driving over 60, or going up a mild incline gives an intermittent hesitation. Puh, puh, puh, and loss of power. Mid grade fuel helps a little. High grade fuel offers no additional help. Driving next to a wall, I do hear pinging. Gidagidagidagida

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Hesitation or Stalling. When starting from a stop or trying a passing maneuver, stepping on the gas might not give you any joy, especially if the ECM is giving you a lean mixture based on faulty MAP sensor readings. Check Engine Light. Depending on the age of your vehicle, MAP sensor diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) may range from simple circuit. The engine may stall intermittently. You may notice poor engine performance including irregular acceleration, misfiring, hard starting, or surging. On some car models, a failed CMP sensor will prevent the ignition from making a spark, so that the engine won't start at all. pinterest-pin-it. Camshaft position sensor A Buddy told me to get the new GM MDI scan tool from alibaba for like $100. Supposedly that's the same as they use at the dealer ( new version of tech2) May do that and try to hone in on the prob instead of just throwing money at stuff like I allways do. Last edited: Dec 17, 2018. Reactions: swathdiver. Jan 6, 2019 #10 Mp61 I've got a 2002 Buick Regal with the 3800 V6, normally aspirated. I bought it with a slight hesitation, which turned into major power loss and eventually a tow. Symptoms and overview: 1. Cranks and starts, but dies immediately. 2. Fuel pressure at the rail originally primed OK then dropped almost immediately to 0 (but see below). 3

The ignition module of your vehicle is the heart of your entire ignition system. Its two main roles are to create a spark strong enough to ignite the air/fuel mixture for combustion and to control the timing of the spark plugs by opening and closing the ignition coil ground circuit. The ignition module has a direct impact on the performance of the engine The term Buick 3800 can refer to a wide range of motors across many years. This article will focus on what is commonly known as the GM 3800 Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3. These motors, all related, were installed in many Buick, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac models ranging from 1990 to 2007. Even some models of the Chevrolet Impala received this motor Rochester carburetors were quite possibly the most widely used carburetor in the twentieth century, with over one million units produced by the Delco Carburetor Company, a division of General Motors. Rochester carburetors are known for their durability and simplistic design, yet even Rochester carburetors will.

If one gets a leak, it causes a lean air/fuel mixture, which creates a rough idle. It can also turn into an engine misfire because of the combustion fault inside one or more cylinders. Vacuum leaks can also occur from leaking vacuum supply tanks, vacuum brake boosters and intake manifold gaskets. When you drive a car with a vacuum leak, you. I just got a Customer Satisfaction Program letter from GM stating that GM's 3.6 liter V6 (the engine used in the Camaro, Saturn Outlook, LaCrosse, Cadillac CTS, and several other cars) is showing premature wear of the timing chain. A quick check of the web turns up that many who own this engine are experiencing troubles all the way up to the engine fragging. GM is offering to change. 2000 Buick LeSabre 78,968 mi, car kept stalling, so i removed mass air flow sensor and cleaned it with maf sensor spray, i also replaced the idle air control valve after first checking for vacuum leaks. total cost iac valve $20 maf spray $5. sorry i forgot to update, the problem came back so i went online and brought a new maf sensor from.

Unlike earlier model vehicles, which incorporated a simple carburetor and distributor, the GM Buick 3.8-liter engine features a computer-controlled engine management system. If the system fails and the car won't start, you must follow a process of elimination to diagnose the problem. The job requires familiarity. 03/31/2021 10/22/2018. The symptoms of a bad mass air flow sensor include low engine power, poor fuel economy, an engine that won't start, a check engine light on the dash and a gas smell from the exhaust fumes. A bad mass air flow sensor is often the likely culprit if your car isn't running as it should. The job of the mass air flow sensor. 3800 V6 Engine Sensor Locations. GM 3800 (3.8L) V6 engine sensor location pictures and descriptions. EGR Valve Throttle Body Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF) Idle Air Control Motor (IAC) Coolant temperature sensor Fuel Pressure Regulator Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) EVAP System Purge Valve Solenoid PCV Valve / MAP Senso

A PCV valve leak can cause the air-fuel mixture to run too lean, and this will cause a rough idle. PCV valve. Solution: Proper periodic servicing of the PCV valve will prevent this situation from occurring. The fix is to service the valve regularly and make sure that it is clean and fully operational 2001 Buick Park Avenue 3.8L Hesitation, Cuts out, Extended Crank. Posted to GM Driveability on 1/27/2010 5 Replies. Hey We have a Buick 3800 K motor with and intermittent extended crank. Customer also complained that the Tach was jumping and car jerked once at the same time

Servicing GM's 3800 V6 Engines. The Buick 231 cu. in. 3.8L V6 engine has had a production run lasting more than 30 years. Like the small block Chevy V8, this engine has undergone many changes over the years to keep it abreast of changing consumer expectations and emissions regulations. The first Buick 3.8L was offered in the 1975 model year. I learned of the GM recall of the 3800 series engine (oil seeping through valve cover gaskets and causing engine fires) and asked my mechanic if this was the same oil leaking problem and why wasn. I did NOT get a check engine light; just abrupt shifting and a noticeable whine on one particular day. The only other thing I'd noticed prior to that was a tendency to hunt for a gear on gradual upgrades, where the transmission couldn't decide whether to stay in OD or shift down to 3rd - that probably started 3-4 months before I had this obvious problem and took it in and got it fixed The idle air control valve (IAC) is usually connected to the throttle body next to the intake manifold. Consequently, it is the engine control unit (ECU) that manages all the functions of the valve. Based on the information it receives like engine load and temperature, it will change the speed of the idle accordingly Circuit Descriptions Of The GM 3.1L And 3.4L TPS. The throttle position sensor on your 3.1L (or 3.4L) GM vehicle has three wires connected to it. Each wire has a specific task to accomplish and with the photos and circuit descriptions below, you'll test each one with your multimeter

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Equipment from independent suppliers is not covered by the GM New Vehicle Limited Warranty. GM is not responsible for the safety or quality of independent supplier alterations. Premier shown seats seven. Standard on L, LS. Available on LT. Read the vehicle Owner's Manual for more important feature limitations and information The throttle position sensor is a simple potentiometer that uses ground and 5-volt reference inputs to produce a varying output signal depending on the position of its detection arm or shaft. At rest, this sensor outputs a relatively low voltage signal; as the arm/shaft is turned (as it would when the throttle opens), the output voltage increases P0420 CHEVROLET Meaning In order to maintain a reasonably low emissions of Hydrocarbons (HC), Carbon Monoxide (CO), and Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx), the engine controls system uses a three-way catalytic converter Posted to GM Driveability on 10/30/2009 8 Replies. Original complaint was Mil flashing. Only p0300 stored. Missfire counter shows all cyls with some missfire, but most on cyl 3. Engine will not rev past 3800 to 4000 rpm. It acts like the rev limiter is cutting in. Starts out ok, but as rpms increase the power.

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  1. An IAT sensor is an important component that is needed while starting up a vehicle's engine. A faulty sensor can decrease the life of the engine and reduce the efficiency of fuel consumption. Take a look at the symptoms and understand why such a problem occurs
  2. ute or two and goes out. Just prior to this code display I had an A/C relay stick closed and hold the compressor clutch on and run the battery down to .1 volt while the car sat overnight
  3. The P0300 Buick trouble code will trigger the LeSabre's service engine soon light. The vehicle itself may begin to run rough. It depends on how serious the misfire is. The vehicle may produce excess vibration, especially at lower RPM conditions . P0300 Trouble Code Diagnosis- Buick LeSabr
  4. 1996 Buick Riviera 3.8L Hesitation and Engine Light. I have a 1996 Buick Riviera Supercharged/3.8L V6. Engine hesitates around 1800 RPM 'S & then accelerates fine. I have replaced the following: Fuel Pressure Regulator, air filter, air intake sensor, PCV valve, spark plugs and wires, MAP sensor, idle control sensor, Mass airflow sensor and.

What is A 4.8 Vortec Engine? img source: motoringcrunch.com. The Vortec 4.8L V8 L20 belongs to the category of the V8 engine. It is a 250k engine for your full-size Chevy truck and Chevy Silverado truck.. The Silverado based engine has a horsepower of over 195 and the Vortec can create up to 295 horsepower plus over 300-pound torque 2. Testing the GM manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor on your GM 2.8L, 3.1L, or 3.4L V6 equipped car can be accurately done using only a multimeter and a vacuum pump. This article will show you how to bench test it (although you'll be leaving the MAP sensor connected to its electrical connector) to be able to either condemn the MAP as bad.

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This 98 Buick LeSabre (Custom) has been my daily driver for a while now. Has the 3800 V6 motor, runs strong. Auto trans, shifts well. Was told upper and lower intake gaskets were replaced before i bought it. Has hit a deer, but replaced the hood and fender, hood color doesnt match obviously and fender paint job isnt the best. But the car runs good 22007 GM Sierra SLT 5.3 The only code my reader gives is E43. Check engine light in. Reply. Don says: July 15, 2019 at 10:13 pm. Want to buy an OBD1 scanner for 1988 Buick 2.3L . ECM #7-7749. Reply. Abiola says: August 2, 2019 at 11:38 pm. Hi, please what is code 84 in Chevrolet 2012 diesel means What is the cost to diagnose the P0300 BUICK code Labor: 1.0 The cost to diagnose the P0300 BUICK code is 1.0 hour of labor. The auto repair's diagnosis time and labor rates vary by location, vehicle's make and model, and even your engine type. Most auto repair shops charge between $75 and $150 per hour ATTN: All with GM 3800 Series II (including Supercharged) Engines! If you're having issues with it starting or idling, and it keeps getting worse, i can almost GUARANTEE that the problem is your FUEL PRESSURE REGULATOR! We've owned four cars with that exact engine, and three have had the regulator go out Hi everyone, I recently purchased a 1998 gmc sierra with 115k on the clock. Truck runs perfect at all speeds except when accelerating uphill. Then starts to stumble and I get engines service light and po300 and po306. I reset the codes and truck will drive fine till the next time I accelerate agg..

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The J-Body Organization, j-body.org, is the worlds largest automotive enthusiast group exclusively geared towards the General Motors GM J-car platform including the Chevrolet Cavalier, Pontiac Sunfire, Pontiac Sunbird, Pontiac J 2000, Oldsmobile Firenza, Buick SkyHawk and Cadillac Cimarron 94 Buick Lesabre 3.8 VIN L. The symptoms are the following: 1. Car starts and idles as normal each and every time. 2. Upon RPM increase car stumbles and bumbles, no power at all. 3. Spark plug inspection reveals raw gas smell and light carbon buildup indicating fuel rich condition and/or weak spark. 4

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first the basics. 2000 GM sierra, 5.3 4x4 etc I have a problem that is driving me nuts trying to figure out. at low rpm (truck in gear and moving) the truck hesitates, sometimes almost stalling out. I have started with the fuel system doing a pressure test and found the pressure regulator was bad.. L36 & L26 Engine Tech. Forum. GM V6 Engine Tech. L36 & L26 Engine Tech. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below

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A wide variety of issues can prompt an engine surge. The problem may involve an annoying change (up/down) of engine speed while cruising at a steady pace, a low drop (or even cut-out) at idle or when approaching a stop, a wild high engine speed of several thousand rpm followed by a drop to near zero, etc. • Dirty/sticking IAC (idle air. 7.1 Hesitation when the engine is cold (Page EF & EC 78 in the manual) PCV valve on LHS : PCV valve on RHS : After checking the spark plugs as described in section 4.4, check the PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) valves and hoses. There's one on each side of the engine. Use a pair of pliers to crimp the hose by the valve to shut off the air.

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GM's Reduced Power Mode can inhibit your vehicle's ability to accelerate. Even if power isn't reduced immediately, performance may be limited the next time you go to drive the car. In some instances, the PCM may actually cut off fuel delivery to the engine, rendering the vehicle undrivable No stalling, no hesitation, no bad smells, no rough idle. No check engine lights or failure codes. I have a 1995 Buick park ave. 3800 engine- when driving down the road if i let off the accelerator any little bit, the trans. torque convertor unlocks and coasts , press down just a little it locks back up..

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The 2001 Chevrolet Impala has 10 problems reported for hesitation when accelerating. Average repair cost is $350 at 98,500 miles Buick LeSabre Bad Fuel Pump Symptoms. There are physical signs that you can feel when your LeSabre's fuel pump is going out. Before taking anything apart, check to see if your engine's computer has any trouble codes saved in it. The engine may throw a P0087 trouble code. This trouble code detects that the fuel rail/system pressure is too low GM's modern full-sized pickups, the Chevy Silverado and the GMC Sierra, are two of the most popular trucks on the road today. The three-quarter ton model was the 3600, and the one-ton model was the 3800. In 1954, Chevy released updated Advanced Design trucks, which had a new grille, windshield, steering wheel, instrument panel and parking. Too low engine idle and stall hot,too high idle cold. 1995 buick lesabre 3800 and cannot check codes,it is an OBD 1 with an OBD 2 connector and affordable code scanners do not read. good times! Jesus help me. 2 people found this helpful. Mark helpful. 10 Report; GuruWGW7G answered 3.

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On older GM 3800, the CKP (crankshaft position sensor) was located behind the harmonic balancer. Because of the difficulty in getting that off, you would be better going to a mechanic. The quick start 3800 uses two CKP's and a camshaft position sensor, so that gets a lot more difficult to troubleshoot OBD II trouble code P0420 Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1) is one of the most common codes encountered on the GM 3.8L equipped cars and mini-vans.. In the majority of the cases, this code points to a bad catalytic converter. In this tutorial, I'm gonna' show you some of the basics you need to know about what DTC P0420 means and a step-by-step test on how to test it

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1995-2005 Chevrolet Cavalier. The Chevrolet Cavalier is a compact automobile produced from 1982 to 2005 by General Motors If the car dies when you disconnect the mass airflow sensor, then that means it was working right and that your computer has issues. It isn't able to use the tables programmed in it to guess the amount of fuel needed. Also, if the computer isn't the issue, then it means one of the other sensors is probably off if the car isn't able to. Fast Idle Problem. Having a problem with my 2000 Buick Lesabre 3.8 V6, 98,000 Miles. 20+ MPG all the time around town. New fuel pump last month. Also cleaned the Idle Air Control pintle and seat. Idle is perfect at 800 RPM once it warms up. Just recently when the engine is started cold the engine idle will immediately go to 1400 and stay. Dec 27 2015, 6:38pm. The only reason I know it is coming from the throttle body area is sometimes when I turn the key on it will start grinding for about 5 seconds so I was able to turn the key on and run around to the engine and I felt the throttle body which is vibrating badly. Also, as I come to a stop along with the grinding, the RPMs will.

GM 3.6L Engine Problems. As far as mainstream GM goes, there have been at least four major versions of this engine. After the LY7, the LLT version brought direct fuel injection. The LFX, used in the Camaro, had redesigned heads and an integrated exhaust manifold to reduce engine weight. The LCS was a version meant for hybrids Here is a view if the Buick's ECM being back probed after being taken down from its hiding place behind the dash. Notice the datastream is showing ECM internal voltage at 4.2 V. The volt meter clearly shows the ECM was receiving proper charging system voltage. Phantom Stall. By Mark Giammalvo, Contributing Editor. Run the engine at idle, low cruise (1800 to 2200 rpm) and high cruise (2500 to 3000 rpm). Note the vacuum readings, and any fluctuations, at each speed. Next, hold engine speed steady at about 2500 rpm for 15 seconds and read the gauge. Now release the throttle and watch the gauge as the speed drops A harsh 1-2 shift following transmission service may be experienced in GM vehicles equipped with the 4L60E, 4L65E or 4L70E transmissions. Vehicle applications include 2007-2012 Chevy Avalanche, Colorado, Express and Silverado, 2007-2009 Chevy Suburban, Tahoe and Trailblazer, 2007-2012 GMC Canyon, Savana, Sierra and Sierra Denali, 2007-2009 GMC Envoy, Yukon, Yukon XL and Yukon XL Denali, 2007. Here is a more detailed list of the most common symptoms of a bad fuel pressure regulator: 1. Engine Misfires. One of the first and most common signs of all bad fuel pressure regulator symptoms you will notice is that the engine starts to misfire on idle or during acceleration. Misfires can pretty easily be recognized

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Other than the SEL lit up the only clue was a slight stumble when taking off from a stop. Mileage has been mid-low 20s. Havent really driven the car alot with the nice weather and a reatta convertible for a garage mate i got a check engine light 2 weeks ago and it was a code for a MAF sensor. So i replaced it and as soon as i did that it started idle surging when warm. no check engine light but from past cars its the IACV. I replaced that and fixed that problem now its stumbles at high rpms heres a video. Someo.. New 2008 GM V6 2.8L turbo VVT. GM RECALL on 3800 based cars that can catch FIRE !!!!! > Click this link < STUMBLE - HESITATION - POOR RUNNING - L67 3800 Supercharged engine diagnostics . Sensors and how they work on L67 3800 Supercharged engines Testing the Fuel Pressure on L67 Supercharged engines. Proceedure and testing PSI results

The GM High Feature engine (also known as the HFV6, and including the 3600 LY7 and derivative LP1) is a family of modern General Motors DOHC V6 engines.The series was introduced in 2004 with the Cadillac CTS and the Holden Commodore (VZ).. It is a 60° 24-valve design with aluminum block and heads and Sequential multi-port fuel injection.Most versions feature continuously variable cam phasing. Output. Power output. 40-230 hp (29.8-171.5 kW) Torque output. 150-193 lb⋅ft (203-262 N⋅m) The Pontiac straight-6 engine is a family of inline-six cylinder automobile engines produced by the Pontiac Division of General Motors Corporation in numerous versions beginning in 1926 Cost of diagnosing the P0304 BUICK code Labor: 1.0 The cost of diagnosing the P0304 BUICK code is 1.0 hour of labor. The auto repair's diagnosis time and labor rates vary by location, vehicle's make and model, and even your engine type. Most auto repair shops charge between $75 and $150 per hour Cost of diagnosing the P0401 BUICK code Labor: 1.0 The cost of diagnosing the P0401 BUICK code is 1.0 hour of labor. The auto repair's diagnosis time and labor rates vary by location, vehicle's make and model, and even your engine type. Most auto repair shops charge between $75 and $150 per hour Designed as a direct-fit replacement of your worn-out or malfunctioning part, it will provide easy, no-hassle... Designed as a replacement for your worn-out fuel system part Will help optimize your vehicle's performance and fuel efficiency. $70.92 - $177.07. Spectra Premium® Fuel Injection Throttle Body. 1