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Windsurf fins for Sailboards and i-SUP Boards: US Box System Choose from our range of Usbox fins. You can find different brands and materials such as carbon, G10, CG10 and GFK fins. Also, we offer different models of US Box Fins (abbr. US) such as weed fins, freestyle fins, freeride fins, race fins, thruster fins, twinser fins, wave fins and more Windsurfing Fins, check out our huge selection of True Ames, Select Fins, MFC, RRD, Black Project, Kona, US standard box / A-base options. In-line and closeouts, save big! Windsurfing fins Matching fin design and size to your board, sail size and sailing conditions will optimize windsurfing performance Looking for a new windsurfing fin? North Beach Windsurfing offers an amazing variety of fins from the best brands. Find your new windsurfing gear here. K4 3SW Wave/Freestyle Fin (US BOX) $76.00. PRODUCT. K4 Blanker Slot Box. $5.50. PRODUCT SOLD OUT. K4 Fang Fin (Power Box) PRODUCT. MFC Weed Ride Fin. $143.00 - $156.00. PRODUCT. MFC H1. Windsurf Fins . Quick View. MFC AR Single G-10 . $117.00 $99.00 You Save: 15%. Select Options. Quick View. MFC GE Freestyle G-10 Fin Select Options. Quick View. MFC Liquid Pro Fin . $148.00 $129.00 You Save: 13%. Select Options. Quick View. MFC Quad Fin Set US Box . $299.00 $150.00 You Save: 50%. add to cart. Quick View. MFC Weed Wave Fin.

Fins influence board and sail compatibility and performance. Matching fin design and size to your board, sail size and sailing conditions will optimize windsurfing performance. A fin generates lift as it travels through the water, while your sail does the same when harnessing the wind Paddle Board, Surfboard, Skateboard, Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Snowboard since 1983. Power Box - Fins - Windsurf JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser

T-zone finne g-10 weed wave 190 us box Windsurf fin Seagrass. $85.26. $35.44 shipping. 9 watching. AIR BORN JON BOYD WINDSURFING WAVE FIN, 21.6cm (8.5), US BOX. $42.99. SPONSORED. Tekknosport finne g-10 Crossover 400 Tuttle box Windsurf Freeride wave fin. $95.18. $35.44 shipping Sailing without fins can be incredibly challenging, if not impossible. Types of Windsurfing Fin Boxes. There are several types of fin boxes: US Box: an adjustable and light model; Slot Box: an ultra-light model used in multi-fin wave boards; Power Box: a standard in free ride boards; Mini Tuttle Box: a robust model that has been replaced by the.

Windsurfing fins - Black Project makes the best windsurf fins for all windsurfing disciplines. Speed fins, slalom fins, racing fins, freewave fins, freeride fins, freestyle fins, weed fins, shallow water fins and wave fins. Black Project fins are designed to improve the performance and extend the range of your favorite windsurf board so that. Carbon fins, Delta fins, Freeride fins, Freestyle fins, Multi-fin system, Single wave fins, Slalom fins, Speed fins, Twin fins, Weed fins Windsurf fins Choose your country of delivery to see prices and products for your location

How to identify fin different fin box types used in windsurf boards US Box - Most commonly used on waveboards where the minimal height of the box allows for designs that have very thin tails: Power Box - A strong head secured by a single bolt through the deck of the board; suitable for the forces generated when using recreational fins of up. Fin MFC H1 46cm Deep Tuttle Box Fin MFC H1 Racing 46cm Deep Tuttle Box This a cooperation project between Kai Hopf, Duotone windsurfing Sails designer, and Pio Marasco. Both Pio and Kai have been designing fins for more than twenty years, and together they have developed the fastest racing fin ever

We stock only the best Windsurf fin brands: 2013 JP-Australia POLAKOW TWINSER WAVE FIN G10 US BOX $119.99. 2013 JP-Australia POLAKOW TWINSER WAVE FIN G10 US BOX. $119.99 Size. Size. 15.5 Add to Cart Continue Shopping or Checkout. View full product details ». US-Box Available sizes: 26 - 28 - 30 . The perfect combination of speed, control, upwind ability and maneuverability. This fin is a key element of one of our most successful models - the Kode FreeWave - several times winner of multiple magazine tests worldwide Paddle Board, Surfboard, Skateboard, Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Snowboard since 1983. Trim Box - Fins - Windsurf JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser

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We stock tons of windsurfing fins from Black Project, Makani, MFC, and more! Weed fins, race fins, wave fins- need help deciding which fin is best for you? US Box Fin Tab and Screw- 1 Chinook. $ 5.25 US Box Fin Tab and Screw- 7/8 Chinook. $ 5.25 Brass Insert- 6mm thread, 11mm Diameter. Chinook K4 3SW Freestyle/Wave Fins Great for your windsurf bump and jump sessions. This fin is designed to take anything you throw at it! Waves, Freestyle, or just blasting fully powered, the 3SW has the power and control to not let you down. Plug one into your wave windsurf board for a boost in onshore slogging conditions Fin Selector Chart. The recommendations below are for the Intermediate sailor Beginners may want to increase their sizes by 1/2-1 to help them plane and stay upwind Advanced and Experts may want to decrease their small fin sizes by 1/2-1 for agility and maneuverability. Call us for personalized recommendations: 1-800-574-4020 Windsurfing Fins Importance. If we had to choose one of the least appreciated elements of windsurfing equipment, it would probably be a fin. It sits under the water most of the time, doesn't get as much attention as a board or sail. US Box. Very shallow one. To mount the fin you slide it in a special rail and tighten it up with a small.

Recent Posts. Customized US Box & Slot box (Windsurfing, SUP) Sargasso weed fins ! Kitesurfing, SUP & windsurfing; BOUJXSPORTS 2019 trip ! Moulay Bourzektoun Essaouira windsurfing Tectonics maui. Dennis Parton has over 25 years of experience, designing world title winning fins for many of the top professional windsurfers on the PWA World Tour. This heritage has led him to the development of the finest G-10 fin production facility on the planet. Our machines and software are state of the art and Tectonics only uses the. Windsurf Fins. MULTI-FINS. QUAD board (4 Fins) THRUSTER board (3 Fins) TWIN board (2 Fins) WAVE & FREEWAVE fins. SLALOM & FREERACE fins. FREESTYLE & SHALLOW fins. WEED fins Different types of windsurfing require different fin characteristics. Image credit PWA/JC. Firstly the foil (the curve of the fin, similar to the shape of an aeroplane wing) has to be good at keeping the water on its surface; if the flow of water over the foil (technically called the envelope of laminar flow) breaks then you get spin out

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› Windsurf Rigs › Wing Surfing The SUP Company US Fin Box Screw Set . £4.95. Buy View Add to wishlist. Item added to wishlist. Item removed from wishlist. Compare. Moloko Touring US Fin . £19.99. Buy View Add to wishlist. Item added to wishlist. Item removed from wishlist. Our Story. Located in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge, Chinook Sailing has been designing and manufacturing innovative watersports equipment for over 25 years. The Chinook one-piece fin box and the clamp-on boom head are just a couple of the original designs that have helped advance windsurfing to where it is today If you have knowledge or experience with fins for different raceboards, it will be a great help if you would forward this information to us on mail: windsurf.raceboard @ gmail.com. You can find some more information on fin theory at Black diamond fins . A list of 48 cm race and slalom fins. The data is form the internet THE SCIENCE OF WINDSURFING FINS Since you love windsurfing as much as us we thought you might appreciate some insight and theory into fin dynamics. There's a lot of hype and jargon spoken about fins, so we hope you find this theoretical information useful when making choices about what fins to buy 24-7 Boardsports stock windsurfing fins from Select, JP, Naish, MFC, Chocco, Prolimit & Drake. Clearance, special offers & bargain used fins always available. Classic, US, Tuttle, Power & Trim box fins available. Call the experts for advice on fins on 02380 89400

Windsurfing Power Box Fin Fit and adjustmen Millones de Productos que Comprar! Envío Gratis en Productos Participantes True Ames Blade Weed Windsurfing Power Box Fin. Sale! $ 137.00 - $ 159.00. Select options

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Both the Powerbox and the Trimbox are strong enough to handle fins up to about 50-52 cm. Beyond that, and you need a Tuttle box for really good fin/finbox integrity. The Std. Tuttle Box can handle fins up to about 58 cm with good results, but for racing use and larger span fins (i.e. > 58 cm) the Deep Tuttle is the way to go Since 1986 the Maui Fin Company has been the most awarded and reputated fin company on the market. Equipping the best brands with our fins, and providing the best riders with the best equipment to achieve success we acumulate 32 PWA World Titles in all disciplines, racing, wave and freestyle. Check it out.. Dynafiber Pinna Side Shore Wave US-Box Windsurf 2021. Dynafiber. 69,00 € 62,10 €. -10%. Select options. Close. 24 26 A cheap option for US box windsurf boards and SUPs. Click to zoom Sizes / Type

Status: Used Retail Price: $ 200.00 Curtis Racing Fin fR 15 MST 75 Tuttle Box finCategory: Windsurf • Fins & Daggers $150.00 Used Curtis Weed 50cm Power Box Fin Used Dagger The 3SW Freestyle-wave fin. This fin is designed to take anything you throw at it! Waves, Freestyle, Bump and jump or just blasting fully powered, the 3SW has the power and control to not let you down. Plug one into your wave board for a boost in onshore slogging conditions. Flex: STIFF. Sizes: 20, 22, 24, 26, 28cm US and Power box heads Custom sizes available in 1cm increments on request - $10 surcharge for machine setup. Fin Bases are US box, tuttle or power box All boxes have 6mm threads. ¼.. Ride. 43 / 46 / 50. Deep Tuttle Box. Tuttle Box. Power Box. Trim System. Progression. 28 / 30 / 32 / 34 / 36 / 38 / 40 / 42. US Box (Max : 36cm

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  1. K4Fins Windsurfing Fins K4 Fins Flex US Box K4 fins have created a unique and new material for windsurfing. OptoFlex is a molded resin long fibre matrix that has been carefully manipulated to provide the perfect flex patterns for windsurfing
  2. With already four brands adopting the Slot Box for their next generation wave boards and wave fins (Starboard, Tabou, Drake and MFC and with more brands to follow), the new Slot Box promises to become a new windsurfing standard and potentially replace the US box altogether. The great thing about the Slot box is the weight saving
  3. Windsurf Fins. Showing 1 - 14 of 14. Min: C$ 0. Max: C$ 200 Rainbow Weedspeed US Box Fin 33cm (13) C$139.99 C$69.99. K4. K4 Shark 2 Slot Box (pair) C$54.99. MFC. MFC Fin Weed Ride Power Box C$179.99. Sale Fibreglass Weed US Box Fin 31cm (12.25) C$139.99 C$69.

saruSURF 4.6 US Box Center fin Safety Flex Soft Replacement for Longboard SUP Stand up Paddleboard River Surf Whitewater airSUP AIR7 Skeg with Optional 'No-Tool' Fin Screw 4.5 out of 5 stars 65 SUP SURF FIN Screws (Pack of 2) - No Tools Required Rust Resistant Stainless Steel Screw and Braided Hand Mount for Stand Up Paddle Boards or Surf Boards Windsurfing Fins for sale online. Surf Sail Australia windsurfing,surf shops,perth,australia,kitesurfing,surf Showing 65 - 65. Radz Hawaii Plastic US Box Fin 30 320332 2018. Sold Out. Out of Stock! Radz Hawaii More Info. Quick View. Surf Sail Australia Plastic U S Box 31 320324 2018

Windsurfing fins have five key features: outline shape and length, profile and width, rake angle, flexibility and twist, and fin box system. Everything we do in windsurfing is about balance, about calculated tradeoffs Maui Ultra Fin X-Wave 23 - US box Maui Ultra Fins uses specifically developed foils which have been optimized for the windsurfing speed range and conditions. MUFins provide nearly twice as much lift at low speeds compared to conventional fins with the same fin area 4boards > Shop > Windsurf > Fins. £5 OFF by paying with Learn more. Showing 1-24 of 48 results View 24/48/All. Select options. K4 Fins Blanking Plates Various £ 2.50; Select options. K4 Fins 3SW Freestyle Wave Fin £ 54.95; Select options. K4 Fins Bubble Freestyle Fin US Fin Nut and Bolt US Box KA Sail released the first ever working production asymmetric speed fin in 2006 with superb results. This fin was (and still is) an outstanding performer up to 50kts, claiming national records and holding GPSSS outright speeds right up until the canal in Luderitz opened up a new era in windsurfing records

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  1. The Slot Box Discussion. by boardseeker. 1st May 2012. Share. The Slot Box is an idea that has been around for a while now, originating from paddle surf boards, the design was taken in recent years over to windsurf boards. However, there were quite a few hurdles to overcome to make sure it could withstand the brutal forces that modern day.
  2. Flanged Hydrofoil Box used to mount the hydro foil mast into the SUP, Surf, Kite, or Sailboard. Made from carbon fiber and epoxy resin to have a high strength to weight ratio. Also used for sailboard fins that have a Tuttle head. Outside dimensions are 7.5 long, 2 wide, 4 high. Weight
  3. Fin Ascan Allround 27cm US Box. Unproblematic handling in all conditions. Little rake at the base provides more performance in planing and acceleration. The homogeneous transition to more rake in the soft top gives the fin good ride comfort, agility and smoothness
  4. The foil is a fin that exploiting the hydrodynamics effect allows your windsurf board to rise from the water and fly on the surface. Almost all windsurfing companies for 2018 have provided some models foil ready, where was reinforced the fin box, but how you may know the prices of this board are over 2.000 euros
  5. How to Reinforce a Fin Box. Replacing your fin box with a reinforced one suitable for a foil isn't light work, but it is cheaper than a new board. To find out how to reinforce the fin box of a regular windsurf board, we have discussed with Andrea Pagan of SeatexBoard Repair. He is a specialist in repairing damaged boards
  6. Windsurfing Fins Find the perfect fit for you and your board Sort by: Featured Best Selling Name, A-Z Name, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, new to old Date, old to ne
  7. STX Sup Windsurf Centre US Box Fin. £22.95. Add to Cart. Quick view. Chinook 5-Hole Micro Adjustable Foot Strap Inserts. £3.49. Add to Cart. Quick view. Chinook 2-Hole Footstrap Insert. £2.99. Add to Cart. Quick view. Chinook Standard Slot Box w/Hardware. £10.99. Add to Cart. Quick view. STX Sup 11 Slid Box Fin.

Adding a Center Fin to a SUP for Better Windsurfing. Last summer I bought a standup paddleboard- a 10'4 Angulo Surfa. The Surfa has a mast track, and it's big and wide enough to use as a beginner windsurf board. The only thing is that, unlike a real beginner windsurf board, it doesn't have a daggerboard or center fin Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Vintage windsurfing fin- US Box - Carbon - Wave - 27 Cm at the best online prices at eBay

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2008 Exocet U-surf 62. The U-Surf is a true surfer with the hull weight located progressively all the way at the tail makes this board incredibly manoeuvrable and snappy. You will enjoy the pure style wave ride and with the boards wide tail it will hold the line in any wave... MSRP: $1,549.00. Was: $1,549.00 Replacement Cobra Mini Tuttle Fin Box. $30.00. Tags. Everything in Windsurfing Fin Boxes. fin box. part. Brands. Maui Ultra Fins

Upgrade for less, up to $50 off fins for a limited time and while stocks last. Showing all 8 results Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by average rating Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to lo Wind Kite Surf SUP Singapore Cart 0 Log i Cheap Surfing, Buy Quality Sports & Entertainment Directly from China Suppliers:Windsurfing fins For Power BOX Windsurf fin kiteboards fin glass fiber G10 epoxy resin surfboard fin wakeboard surf fins Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return The US fin box is the most common type of fin box. And that is good news. This is the best fin box for experimenting with different fins. There are a vast array of fins compatible with a US fin box. Every size, shape and performance fin you can imagine is available. . The fins are secured with a bolt and nut. This ensures the fin will stay in.

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  1. Unifiber Replacement Plastic Fin US Box quantity. Add to basket. Description. Reviews (0) Unifiber Plastic Fin US box 28cm - for older boards with US Box, perfect, relatively cheap retro fit solution. Reviews. There are no reviews yet. Be the first to review Unifiber Replacement Plastic Fin US Box Cancel reply
  2. IMPACT SURF SHOP Lungomare 9 Maggio, 40 70100 Bari (Italy) Tel:(+39) 080 534 38 01 Fax: (+39) 080 534 38 01 Email: info@impactsurf.co
  3. Windsurf fins. WindSurf. Tarifa Fin Company have been developing and producing windsurfing fins since 1996. Combined with Bob Yates experience testing boards and rigs and working with some of the worlds best windsurfers, you can be assured of the best and latest designs available
  4. d. Added profile thickness to comensate antiweed rake.
  5. Inflatable Sup & Windsurf Spares; new Beach Trolley; Sup Coil Leash 8 ft; Inflatable Boards Black Fin 20cm US Box; Inflatable Boards Center Fin 23cm US Box; Inflatable Boards Toolless US Box Screw + Plate; iSup Wheeled Backpack Bag; iSup Manual Double Action Pump - Max 30 PSI; new iSup Electric Air Pump 12V - 1.4 Bar / 20 PS

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  1. Give our experienced rider staff a call on (03) 9598 2867 or visit us in-store today. FREE FREIGHT AUSTRALIA WIDE ON ORDERS OVER $300!! Select PERFORMANCE WEED NEW G10 FINS from $215.00. K4 Leon's Super Stiff $115.00. Select S09 SLAM ELITE FIN $95.00 $99.00. Select MX EVO FREESTYLE FINS $150.00
  2. Fins are the 'Dark Art' that makes sailors who understand what they can do to improve a session look like true windsurf warriors. The shape, stiffness, and design of your fin makes a massive difference to the grip, start-up planing ability and upwind capability of a board, especially multi-fin boards. Our range of K4 fins and Makani Fins gives you the complete 'soft' to 'stiff.
  3. Used Windsurfing sails, used windsurfing masts, used windsurfing booms, used windsurfing boards, fins, used foils for sale at the Sailworks online windsurfing store and retail location based in Hood River, Oregon. Why go to a windsurf swap if you can shop used windsurfing equipment online? Sailworks is a windsurfing sail manufacturer and a windsurfing equipment retailer both online and.
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For longer fins the Deep-Tuttle base with a base height of around 69mm is most times used. Formula boards normally have an Ultra-Deep-Tuttle box allowing the usage of fins with a base height of 80mm. Tuttle base fins are fixed to the board with two screws (in most cases standard M6 screws, but in the US you can also find US ¼-20 solutions) 210-9530675 / 210-9530673 FREE DELIVERY FOR EU COUNTRIES Menu Toggle navigatio Αγγελίες Windsurfing Fins. MFC 2K 21CM US BOX Δείτε όλες τις αγγελίες από custom. Windsurf Shop GR 33 Dimosthenous str. Kallithea 17671 Athens - Greece Tel. +30 210 9561 995 - +30 210 9564 168; Glaridis Sports Tzavella 84 -86 Piraeus Greece, 1853

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Lowest Price Online! Find windsurfing boards, sails, booms, masts and more. Our mission is to bring the best brands to you. Free shipping on most orders everyday Freewave 2017/18 - MFC Finne Windsurfing Fins Wave. Registration information We offer the storage of your personal details in a password-protected customer account, in order for you not to have to enter your name and address during your next purchase Windsurfing equiptment. In our Surf Shop, we offer complete equipment for surfers. Are you a kitesurfer or a windsurfer?Do you enjoy kiteboarding or SUP?Do you need a windsurfing board, a windsurf sail, a windsurf mast, a kiteboarding kite a fin or a SUP paddle?No problem, we can cover all of them, keeping as much products in the warehouse as possible

UltraKode 2020 - Starboard Windsurfing2018 Starboard Airplane : Isthmus SailboardsWindsurfing Direct: I need to order a new fin, however IWhitelion Windsurfing: Tuttle Fin Re-box - S10GUNSAILS 2018 - WINDSURFING RELIGION

The reality for many of the fast local venues is seaweed. It is essential to have a fin that sheds weed, yet still lets you unleash the potential of the flat water and wind available We have introduced a totally new concept in weed fin design. The TRIBAL line looks unconventional due to the large curvature on the blade leading edge. From the instant classic Weed Speed Series, we have. Screws & Shim for US Fin box. Brass nut 14x14x4mm M4 plus two M4 Philips head A4 Marine grade stainless steel bolts (M4x20 & M4x25).. A short and longer screw are supplied to fit all kind of US boxes Mistral US Fin Box. Order before 11:00 AM will leave the same day. €19.50. Size. US Fin Box. US Fin Box. US Fin Box. Quantity. Add to Cart for Toronto Windsurfing Club, Canada Click for Main Club Website; Contact Us; Back True Ames Fin - US Box. Posted by August 16, 2020 February 15, 2021. Search for: Advanced Search . Place Ad; Edit Ad; Browse Ads; Search Ads; True Ames Fin - US Box. Contact Information. Contact Craig. Price: $80.00. More Information. True Ames - The. The third option you have, when it comes to the US Fin box system, is to position your fin as far towards the tail as possible. This is also my go to fin position. This way you have the most support for tracking and it will be easier to keep on paddling in a straight line