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When it comes to getting an MRI, you have a lot of options. One scanning choice at CDI is the Aera, a wide-bore scanner. Wide-bore means the space that you.. Wide-Opening MRI Wide-opening MRI scanners at UPMC Imaging Services offer more space, allowing you to breathe easier. Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, is a non-invasive test that uses magnetic waves to take two- and three-dimensional pictures of the inside of the body

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A wide bore MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) system differs from a traditional MRI by the size of the opening, or bore, in which the patient lies within a large cylindrical magnet Wide Bore MRI is also referred to as Open Bore. It combines the benefits of Closed Bore MRI with more space inside the bore area of the machine. The Wide Bore MRI system delivers both high magnet strength, high quality imaging and the procedure is shorter in duration than an Open MRI

Typical wide bore MRI scanners have a 70 centimeter bore opening and that extra 10 centimeters can make all the difference for many patients. Those who are claustrophobic often find that the wider bore is less stressful than the traditional, narrow bore. Wide bore MRI scanners also have more headroom than open-bore machines 3T MRI and Wide Bore MRI At Imaging Healthcare Specialists, we offer a full range of MRI equipment, including 3T MRI and high-field short-bore MRI. Our 3T systems provide greater image detail for certain musculoskeletal, neurological and body imaging needs, and our high-field short-bore systems are a full 10-12 centimeters larger than the MRI. My second shot at an MRI scan was in what the hospital called a Wide Open MRI. This system, a GE MR 450W, had a 70 cm Bore. While the difference was only 10 cm (about 4 inches), with a little help from valium and some of my favorite music, it was enough to get me through my scan MRI Anxiety: Closed-Bore vs. Wide-Bore vs Open MRI Uncategorized July 21, 2014 Comments: 10 If you're reading this, you're either one of my dedicated readers or you're looking to see how the Hell to get out of a closed MRI because you're terrified of it

Introducing the GE SIGNA Pioneer 3T-MRI The latest advancements in MR with the sophisticated engineering of a 3.0T wide bore system. This new scanner offers a whole new level of precision imaging with revolutionary coil technology and hyper-acceleration techniques A head MRI is a noninvasive imaging test that creates detailed pictures of your brain and surrounding tissues. An MRI allows your doctor to see inside your brain to check for diseases or injuries without having to do surgery. Your doctor can use the images to make a diagnosis and recommend the best treatment for your condition Benefits of Wide Bore MRI Scanning at IMI Magnetic resonance imaging at IMI allows us to view body structures and obtain detailed images without exposing patients to radiation, which is used in conducting traditional x-rays and computed tomography (CT) scans. When it comes to MRI scanning, there are numerous benefits to utilizing wide bore MRIs

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WIDE Bore. 3.0 . T MRI. Wide Bore 3.0 T MRI . The Only . WIDE Bore 3.0 T MRI. In Central New Jersey! now in our Monroe Office! Combining the widest opening ( WIDE Bore) available for comfort, with the highest strength magnet in the area, for the fastest, highest quality scans and a greater range of imaging capabilities. Princeton. Most scans take about 20 to 30 minutes. The High-field Wide-bore MRI is considerably wider than a traditional MRI. Imagine the opening to be about the size of a hula hoop. The wider bore makes the exam a good option for claustrophobic, obese or broad-shouldered patients Wide bore magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems have allowed radiologists to offer patients the optimized comfort of conventional open bore systems, as well as the high-quality imaging of conventional closed bore systems Patients at ProHealth Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital and ProHealth Medical Group in Pewaukee are more comfortable during their MRI exams, thanks to wide bore M.. Brain MRI. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a test conducted to scan the brain and spinal cord in the body. The machine uses radio and magnetic waves to create images of the body, so the doctor can diagnose the disease. An MRI of the brain can help in diagnosing multiple illnesses that cannot be detected in other screening tests

Wide-Bore MRI Scans In New Jersey. Wide-bore MRI scans offer an intriguing alternative for patients who struggle with traditional MRI systems. At Hunterdon Radiological Associates, PA, we take pride in offering our patients an imaging option that's both beneficial and less stressful. To schedule an appointment, call us today at 908-237-5395 Our wide bore 3T MRI scanner combines the superb diagnostic image quality gained through a stronger electromagnetic field with the exceptional patient comfort of a wide-bore configuration—70 cm in diameter, a full 10 cm larger than standard MRI scanners. The scanner is also shorter in length than conventional MRI scanners Download the Philips 1.5T Digital Wide Bore MRI flyer. The Saint Barnabas Imaging Center, located at the Barnabas Health Ambulatory Care Center has been chosen as the first and only site in the country to debut the latest generation in MRI systems: the Ingenia 1.5 Wide Bore Digital MRI system from Philips Healthcare IIC has a wide bore MRI which allows for 17% more patient space as well as whisper MRI technology for up to 70% less noise. You'll lie on a motorized bed that's moved inside the scanner. You will enter the scanner either head first or feet first, depending on the part of your body being scanned Discover our new wide bore MRI: MAGNETOM Free.Maxbreaks barriers to expand the reach of MRI. The world's first 80 cm bore sets a new paradigm in patient comfort

Doctors use MRI scans to diagnose and monitor head injuries and to check for abnormalities in the head or brain. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans provide 3-D images of specific body parts... Melbourne Radiology Clinic's MRI scanner is the latest Siemens Espree unit which has a wide bore that is 16% wider than conventional MRI units. Patients may experience less anxiety when entering the enclosed space of the MRI scanner at Melbourne Radiology Clini MRI at UC San Diego Health. We offer the latest in advanced imaging technology and procedures, including. MRI to diagnose sports injuries, early-stage arthritis, and neck and back pain. Neuro MRI to diagnose diseases and injuries of the brain, including stroke, cancer, multiple sclerosis (MS), degenerative diseases, trauma and dementia

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an imaging procedure that uses a large magnet, radiofrequencies, and a computer to produce detailed images of organs and structures within the body in order for doctors to make or rule out medical diagnoses. MRI does not use radiation, as do X-rays or CT scans The 70cm wide bore and Xtend design allows an ultra-compact bore length a wider bore for all patients and still the best in class magnetic homogeneity, allowing exceptional imaging quality. Clinically all of our coils incorporate Philips-exclusive direct digital technology; allowing higher resolutions while maintaining crystal clear images

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MRI Machines Used at Touchstone Imaging 3T Wide Bore MRI. A 3T machine has a greater signal strength than other MRI machines, in fact, it is the greatest strength an MRI machine can have. 3T MRI scanners create extremely clear and vivid images that can be completed quicker. 3T MRIs are ideal for imaging small bones, breast tissue. Wide Bore (Open) MRI scanners are open on both sides to improve patient comfort, twice as big as traditional MRI's The 3.0T Wide Bore MRI is designed to accommodate claustrophobia, as well as physically larger patient Likewise, wide bore scanners can hold up to 550 lbs (249.5 kgs). Finally, closed MRI can be up to twice as fast as open MRI, meaning that the patient doesn't have to stay still or be in the exam room for anywhere near as long. 7. The images produced by a closed and wide bore scanners could help doctors to more accurately diagnose a person's. Wide bore magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems have allowed radiologists to offer patients the optimized comfort of conventional open bore systems, as well as the high-quality imaging of conventional closed bore systems. Because wide bore MRIs have broadened the demographic of patients who can be tested, the systems have gained widespread adoption in use, with many practices opting to. Wide-bore MRI is available at Legacy Good Samaritan, Meridian Park and Mount Hood. A wide-bore option can be especially helpful for claustrophobic or bariatric patients. Small devices called coils may be placed around your head, arm, or leg to help send and receive the radio waves and improve the quality of the images

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The Wide Bore has unique pediatric applications because the parent can now lie in the scanner with their child during the scan since the bore can fit both of them together. Princeton Radiology provides a full range of MRI scanners in its imaging centers from the Open MRI, to the 1.5 T, to the new Wide Bore 3.0T Magnetic Resonance Imaging At Radiology and Imaging, our high-field wide-bore MRI scanners are designed for maximum patient comfort. Coupled with our radiologists' expertise, we are able to produce a superior level of imaging The SIGNA Voyager - State of the Art 1.5T wide-bore MRI, provides the most comfortable, swift and quiet experience for users. GE's proprietary SilentScan technology dramatically reduces scanning noise and includes a Silent Neuro Package with Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI), which delivers a completely silent neuro exam, and expanded spine and musculoskeletal imaging The GE Signa Voyager MRI scanner greatly improves the patient experience with shorter scan times, a quieter scan and a more pleasant environment, while providing enhanced imaging capabilities. The wide bore and low height allows patients who are claustrophobic, or those who have wide shoulders or may not fit into a traditional MRI enclosure, to. Wide-bore MRI Improves Patient Comfort. On August 11, William Newton Hospital began running its new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner. The wide-bore model is designed for a more comfortable patient experience while producing higher quality images. It replaces the conventional closed-bore MRI in operation at the hospital since 2012

3 Tesla open-bore MRI. These are powerful, open-bore scanners that are especially useful in advanced imaging of the musculoskeletal system, brain, prostate and breast. 6 units available in the Central Texas area. Open-bore (inner circle) width of 70 cm (28.5 inches) Maximum weight range of 550 lbs. Bore depth of 173 cm (68 inches MRI SCANS Our advanced 3T MRI provides the most highly detailed images in record time, while our wide bore scanners allow for optimal patient comfort and calm. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a non-invasive test using detailed images to diagnose medical conditions Wide Bore MRI. The new wide bore MRI has a powerful magnetic field strength that is the one most preferred by physicians. It also makes scanning sessions faster. This wide MRI enables us to scan more anatomy in less time compared to previous generation systems, resulting in an improved scanning experience

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  1. Wide Bore MRI Machine. Wide Bore MRI systems have a high magnet strength of 1.5 Tesla and produce high quality imaging in a more comfortable, spacious environment. Wide Bore which is ideal for larger and claustrophobic patients. Available in our Atlanta Brookhaven MRI center. View Brookhaven cente
  2. g environment, and both wide bore and open MRI machines
  3. Due to its short design, most exams can be done with your head outside of the system. The 1.5 Tesla high field magnet delivers excellent images so you can rest easy inside and also rest easy with a confident diagnosis. Experience the excellent combination of openness and power in the Wide Bore Open MRI at AMI. Call (833) 823-6533 for more.
  4. MRI uses changes in magnetic fields to create images and does not use x-ray. 3T MRI stands for 3 Tesla or the magnetic field strength. Image resolution improves with 3T MRI, so 3T MRI is well suited for advanced imaging. 3T MRI is also faster, and requires less contrast. 3T MRI is available both in the standard and more roomy wide-bore configurations

NYU Langone MRI scanners have short bore technology, which makes for a more comfortable scanning experience. Short bore means that the length of the tube you're in during the scan is shorter than usual. Your head and neck may be outside the tube, unless that is the area you are having scanned Our MRI Equipment. Our extra-wide short bore Siemens Magnetom Aera MRI combines open MRI features with 1.5 Tesla High-field quality images. This system yields true 6'9 long, seamless, whole body anatomical coverage, with no coil reconfiguration Wide Bore MRI. Wide Bore MRI ( Magnetic Resonance Imaging ) is also called the Open Bore. It combines the qualities of Open Bore MRI as well as Close Bore MRI as it has enhanced comforts like an Open Bore system and high-quality images like a closed bore system.. Moreover, it has wide space inside the bore area of the machine with a 70 cm bore opening to accommodate patients of any size Browse 4,492 mri scanner stock photos and images available, or search for mri or mri scan to find more great stock photos and pictures. entering mri scan. - mri scanner stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. doctors preparing patient for mri scan - mri scanner stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images MRI is thought to be one of the safest and most well-tolerated diagnostic tests available. Since it's an easier option for most patients, we can use it to diagnose and treat a wide variety of injuries and ailments. Some of the diagnoses commonly made with Magnetic Resonance Imaging include: Injuries. Infection. Stroke. Dementia. Herniated discs

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The 3.0T Wide Bore MRI is designed to accommodate claustrophobia, as well as physically larger patients. Prime Diagnostic Imaging's 3.0T Open MRI is also able to perform a wide range of highly specialized and necessary exams, including prostate, female pelvis, abdomen, head/neck, and orthopedic scans where metal implants are present, as well. Blog Siemens Skyra 3 Tesla Wide Short Bore MRI Available at: Woodbridge Modality Details: Comfortable, wide bore design 70cm. Shorter magnet design means more head-out exams. Most advanced images available on the market today. Can accommodate up to 550lbs. Fast scan times using Tim 4G and Dot Technology Magnetom Skyra offers a high level of flexibility with innovative applications for each. This machine is focused on providing the ultimate in comfort, using a wide-open design that offers panoramic views out all four sides. This open feeling helps create a relaxing environment. MRI Scans usually take about 30 to 60 minutes. MRI Short Bore Scans - High-Field (1.5T) MRI Short Bore scanners offer a comfortable MRI experience Our wide bore MRI scanners at both locations provide a larger opening for patient comfort and may be helpful with claustrophobia or for those that require more space. Exam Descriptions. Neurological Imaging MRI provides the most precise and sophisticated visualization of the brain and spine available Our Wide-Bore MRI scanner sets the standard for patient comfort. This means that those patients who suffer from claustrophobia or have a large build can be scanned in comfort. Patients having a MRI of their lumbar spine or body areas below such as knees, ankles or feet can enter the scanner feet first ensuring maximum comfort for the patient

At 70cm, our wide bore units are twice a big as traditional units providing larger openings that give patients more headroom, elbow room and added comfort. Our wide-bore MRI accommodates larger patients and those who are claustrophobic more comfortably. MRI scans typically range from 20-40 minutes, depending on the area being imaged. Wide-bore MRI. Feel more comfortable during your imaging test with wide-bore MRI at ProHealth Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital or ProHealth Medical Group in Pewaukee. You'll get high-quality images while benefiting from: Custom lighting and soothing music. Faster, quieter tests Methods: Ten patients underwent MRI-guided DBS implantation of 20 electrodes between April 2011 and March 2013. The procedure was performed in a purpose-built intraoperative MRI suite configured specifically to allow MRI-guided DBS, using a wide-bore (70 cm) MRI system Springfield, MA. (February 10, 2021) - The Diagnostic Imaging Department at Mercy Medical Center now offers the latest MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) services with the addition of the new SIGNA™ Premier 3.0T wide bore MR system to the list of technologies used to help detect possible illness and injury. The new SIGNA™ Premier MRI combines the latest advancements in MRI with the.

A wide bore 1.5 Tesla strength MRI is available at our Bradenton center. MRI technology uses computers and magnetic fields rather than radiation to capture images of the human body. Our MRI scanners provide our radiologists with highly detailed pictures of anatomy and pathology to help them evaluate a wide range of conditions including stroke. An open bore MRI, however, takes longer and cannot reach the same image quality as a closed bore MRI as the magnetic field strength maxes out at 1.2 T. Wide Bore MRI A wide bore MRI combines the benefits of a closed bore MRI with more space inside the tunnel 3T MRI: Clearer, Faster, Better. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has been a trusted, radiation-free way to capture images of the body for years, but what if we had the ability to take clearer images in less time? With 3T MRI technology, we do. At Greensboro Imaging, we believe Triad residents should have access to the most advanced MRI testing available, so we now offer 3T MRI

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  1. Our wide -bore MRI unit will provide you with a more comfortable MRI exam - without feeling closed in. The High-field Wide-bore magnet also provides high quality images. Fast Breast MRI Fast Breast MRI is a breast MRI study that has been shortened and specially designed to detect invasive breast cancer
  2. An MRI (Magnetic Resonance imaging) is an imaging procedure that uses a large magnet, radiofrequencies, and a computer to produce detailed images of organs and structures within the body in order for doctors to make or rule out medical diagnoses. MRI does NOT use radiation like x-rays and CT scans do
  3. In Montclair our Siemens 1.5 wide bore MRI unit has the widest opening of any high field MRI available. It also has a very compact length and this allows for more than 60 % of exams to be completed with the patient's head outside the MRI unit. Most importantly though is the superb quality of the exams produced on our machines
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In 2020, The Radiology Clinic added Wide-Open Bore technology to our MRI fleet. Our new machine has an extra-wide opening and ultra-short bore. By definition, the magnet is considered closed but due to the extremely large gantry, the industry has termed the unit wide-open bore MRI Melbourne Radiology Clinic's Wide-Bore MRI scanner sets the standard for patient comfort. 16% Wider Than Conventional MRI This means that those patients who suffer from claustrophobia or have a large build can be scanned in comfort

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  2. imally invasive treatments. MR arthrography, which uses a contrast liquid to make bones and joints more visible
  3. The wide-bore MRI provides optimal images for brain, spine, prostate and joint scans. Lutheran Hospital's cardiovascular MRI services are performed on a 1.5T MRI scanner that utilizes advanced cardiac software. The Imaging Center offers accredited breast MRI services using its 1.5T scanner. The open-side MRI scanner accommodates patients who.
  4. However, the 70-cm wide-bore (tunnel), with bright inner tunnel light and ventilation system in our new 3.0T MRI ensures patient comfort and helps them overcome anxiety. Feet 1st imaging In conventional MRI machines, patients are required to enter the MR tunnel with their head first often causing enormous discomfort to some patients
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MRI is often used to diagnose problems with the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord). Benefits of Wide-Bore MRI Systems Our Plainfield campus offers a wide-bore MRI that has many benefits over traditional or open-sided MRI machines. Wide-bore MRI machines have more space from side-to-side, as well as above the head Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) with 1.5T wide bore system. New MRI Sets a High Standard for Patient Care BVRMC Radiologist Dr. Ingrid Franze says, The scanner offers new features and improvements to raise the level of imaging performance and quality designed to boost productivity, enhance patient comfort and deliver diagnostic clinical. PET/CT, Open Bore MRI, CT, CT Dental Scans, Mammography, Ultrasound, DEXA, X-ray, Arthrography Learn more about this location. Malvern, PA. 650 Carnegie Boulevard, Suite 240 Malvern, PA 19355 215-503-4900 Wide Bore MRI, Arthrography, Ultrasound, MSK Ultrasound, X-Ray Learn more about this location. Marlton, NJ 999 Route 73, Suite 101 Marlton. Nepean Radiology's new wide bore MRI machines means faster exam times and enhanced comfort. At the same time the machines delivers high quality, detailed images needed to deliver the best care possible. We have partially Medicare funded machines which means that General Practitioners are able to order certain MRI scans at the Bulk Bill rate.

At St. Elizabeth Healthcare, we offer a wide variety of services including: MRI. Magnetic Resonance Angiogram (MRA) and Non-contrast MRA. Spectroscopy. Stereotactic brain imaging. Breast MRI - used in cases where a lesion is not properly seen in mammography and for those women who are a high breast cancer risk. Breast Biopsy Wide Bore MRI Scans: The bore refers to the opening of the MRI scanner. A wide bore system is shorter and wider, which allows for a roomy imaging experience that doesn't compromise image quality. MRI Scans - High-Field (1.5T): This is the traditional MRI machine, complete with an incredibly powerful magnet (High-Field 1.5T). This. This MRI is much more comfortable and spacious than the traditional narrow cylinder MRI. Technology. The Wide Bore MRI offers the same advanced technology and imaging results as traditional MRI scanners. The magnet supports a 70cm patient gantry and gives a larger field of vision for coverage and image quality


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  1. At Maryville Imaging, we specialize in caring for patients who are claustrophobic or those who may have trouble fitting comfortably in a conventional MRI. Maryville Imaging's diagnostic center's MRI has the largest opening on the market: the High-field Wide-bore MRI. The opening is approximately the size of a hula-hoop, offering a roomier.
  2. The wide bore in the MRI helps us tremendously in allaying fear of patients. This is very important as if the patient is moving during the scan, the images will not come in an acceptable resolution. At Breach Candy Hospital utilising the wide bore we have scanned children who did not want to undergo anaesthesia
  3. e whether or not the scan can be performed. Patients are pre-screened prior to their exam to ensure the most beneficial and timely MRI study
  4. Helping patients save money on medical imaging services and book quicker MRI Scan appointments at diagnostic centres in Central London and multiple other centres across the UK. We accept self referred patients and provide a free telephonic consultation before and after the scan. Wide Bore 3T MRI scan for £42
  5. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an imaging diagnostic system using radio waves, a magnetic field, and a computer to visualize internal organs of the human body and obtain diagnostic information. An MRI displays images of the body in slices similar to that of a CT scan, but it is also able to reflect greater contrast between different.
  6. The Pros: Image quality is key for the most accurate patient diagnoses and both MRIs offer superior imaging capabilities. The 3T MRI is the most powerful equipment today, and the 1.5T short-bore.
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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) - A non-invasive, painless procedure in which radio waves and powerful magnets linked to a computer, can create detailed pictures of internal organs and tissues. Inside Barton's MRI Suite, a new MRI machine features state-of-the-art Short Bore and Wide Bore technology Because radiation is not required, MRI may be used in place of CT and other imaging modalities in children and pregnant women. Sutter locations offer a wide range of scanners, including wide-bore MRI for patients who become anxious in close spaces Our state-of-the-art Los Angeles imaging facility's 1.5T MRI is one of the most technically advanced machines available. It is capable of producing high-resolution, digital images of any body part, including the brain, internal organs, arms, legs, and spine. The images from our MRI in Beverly Hills are sent to a computer where they can be. MRI Scan Near You. Harbour Radiology North Sydney is equipped with a wide-bore 1.5T MRI Siemens machine, the largest in the market, making it a suitable option for claustrophobic patients. Your comfort is our radiographer's priority and they will provide you with headphones so you can listen to your favourite radio station

Medical Imaging Bankstown's new wide bore MRI machines means faster exam times and enhanced comfort. At the same time the machines delivers high quality, detailed images needed to deliver the best care possible. We have partially Medicare funded machines which means that General Practitioners are able to order certain MRI scans at the Bulk. The magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology provides the leading edge of medical imaging by utilizing the latest advances in orthopedic, abdominal and neurological imaging. MRI uses magnetic energy and radio waves to produce images of soft tissue and vessels and is considered the best diagnostic exam for many areas of the body including the. However, because of the shape of the open MRI, it is unable to take images of certain areas of the body and the images it does take are of lesser quality as the strength of the open machines is less than that of a closed or wide bore MRI. For this reason, an open MRI is not always an option. Certain scans must be taken with a closed machine Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a special diagnostic test that produces very clear, detailed pictures of internal organs and structures in your body. The test uses a powerful magnetic field, radio waves and a computer to create images in cross-section. While an X-ray is very good at showing bones, an MRI lets your health care provider see. An MRI is a diagnostic procedure that uses large magnets, radio frequency pulses and a computer to produce detailed images of organs and structures within the body. There are no known harmful effects from the magnetic field or exposure to radio waves associated with creating MRI images. Announcing Our New Skyra Wide-Bore 3T MRI

  1. The 1.5T is still considered completely adequate for most MRI scans, however your Doctor may prefer you to have the scan completed on the 3T. We also have wide bore options in limited locations. The wide bore offers slightly more space inside the MRI tube so it may help those who suffer from claustrophobia
  2. MRI scanners come in different magnet field strengths measured in teslas or T, usually between 0.5T and 3.0T. The higher the T the greater the image quality and resolution. However, too much detail can be inappropriate or unnecessary parts of the anatomy. MRI scanners also come in varying sizes including open and wide-open
  3. MRI. MRI scans use a very powerful magnetic field combined with RF (radiofrequency) signals to produce an image of the internal structures of your body. Radiology Group use one of the most advanced Digital Wide Bore 3 Tesla MRI scanners at High Street Medical Imaging. Some of our Radiologists also have Fellowships from North America in advanced.
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