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  1. The local parish council or Cambridgeshire County Council (the local highway authority) are the most frequent land owners/mangers within residential neighbourhoods. Please look on their websites for more information on how to contact them directly. The Tree Council has a very helpful booklet written for homeowners, Ash Dieback Disease A.
  2. Cambridge City Council manages approximately 33,000 trees across all of our parks, open spaces, communal housing areas and along the highways on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council. Trees growing in the gardens of City Homes tenanted properties are managed by the City Homes team and trees found within school grounds are under the management.
  3. Trees. The trees on Cambridge's streets, parks and gardens add to its unique character - as well as its biodiversity. Trees improve the city's climate - they produce oxygen, bind dust particles, and provide shade. This makes a vital contribution to the wellbeing of everybody who lives and works here. Our Tree Strategy sets out how we.

Building subsidence issues involving trees along public highways should be reported to Cambridgeshire County Council. Building subsidence issues involving trees on private land should be discussed with the owner or occupier of the land. Trees may be protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or by being located in a conservation area The CUSPE 2019 Net Zero Cambridgeshire report estimates that green house gas emissions from peatlands are significant - up to 5.1million tonnes CO 2 e. This is almost double emissions from all other sources. In October 2019, full council agreed a Tree & Peatland Motion Welcome to Cambridgeshire County Council. Find out about the council and the services and support we provide as a Local Authority.

Cambridgeshire County Council is committed to tackling climate change and declared both a climate and environment emergency in 2019. Following this, a Climate Change and Environment Strategy and action plan was adopted by the Council last year. It has also planted thousands of trees and promised to reach carbon net zero by 2050 The process and form are the same as for applying to do works to a tree protected by a tree preservation order. Apply for permission to work on protected trees. If works to protected trees are needed, an application (for trees covered by a TPO) or notification (for trees in conservation areas) is required

If you live outside Cambridge, read South Cambridgeshire District Council's page about trees on and around your property. Get a copy of an existing TPO. Use our online form to request a copy of an existing TPO. You will need the tree location (address) and/or the TPO name and reference. A copy of the order will be emailed to you free of charge Report a highways fault. You can report highways faults in Cambridgeshire online by using our Highways Reporting Tool. Faults reported in this way will be assessed by a Local Highways Officer within 10 working days. To report a highways fault that poses an immediate danger to the public, please read the guidance on reporting a highways emergency The Council will endeavour to contact tree owners when a neighbour submits an application. The parishes are automatically notified of all applications. The Council does keep a public register of all tree work applications. All applications submitted after October 2016 are available online on the planning search facility A Tree Preservation Order (TPO) is a legal instrument made by the Local Planning Authority which makes it a criminal offence to cut down, prune, uproot, willfully damage or destroy a tree without written consent from the Local Planning Authority.N.B. Any unauthorised works to a tree covered by a TPO is a strict liability offence carrying a maximum penalty of £20,000 per tree in the.

Reforestation project will help Cambridgeshire achieve aim of reaching net zero carbon. Millions of trees could be planted in Cambridgeshire under plans to tackle climate change. The county council has drafted an ambitious strategy to help it reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050 - a target set by the government Trees in conservation areas have protection even if they don't have a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). Carrying out unauthorised work on a protected tree is a criminal offence. If you live in a Conservation Area and are planning to carry out work on any trees, legally you must give us six weeks written notice before work begins

Tree Numbers with height of 15.-19.9m by ward, land-use and ownership. 2evi. Tree Numbers with height of 20.0+m by ward, land-use and ownership. 2f. Tree numbers with canopy spread of 0.0-1.9m by ward, land-use and ownership. 2fii. Tree numbers with canopy spread of 2.0-4.9m by ward, land-use and ownership A TPO gives legal protection to an individual tree, group of trees, area or woodland. Carrying out unauthorised work on a protected tree is a criminal offence. TPOs are placed on trees which are considered exceptionally important, either within the district or locally, for their: size and form. future potential as an amenity Trees with high potential to support roosting bats include old and veteran trees and any tree with cracks or crevices. Where appropriate, foraging and commuting routes should be incorporated into the design. If yes, it may be possible for Cambridgeshire County Council's Ecology Officer and Wildlife Trust to provid While some parts of East Cambridgeshire will be served by Cambridge's tree collection scheme, there's also a more simple solution available from East Cambridgeshire District Council. From December. LGSS on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council is seeking to award a framework agreement for the provision of arboriculture services within the County boundaries. The Council manages around 150 000 trees in educational setting not including those on the highway, or other land - properties .The framework will encompass a wide range of tree.

Cambridgeshire County Council Joint Administration agreement between the Liberal Democrat, Labour, and Independent groups Introduction On 6 May 2021 residents in Cambridgeshire voted for change in removing a Conservative majority Council. The Liberal Democrat, Labour, and Independent Groups believe we have a duty to change th The county council also has a policy of planting more real trees in Cambridgeshire. And the Cambridge Independent has launched a campaign to get 10,000 planted in the county this year. The leader of Labour-run Cambridge City Council Cllr Lewis Herbert said that the focus should be on planting real trees and reducing congestion

On the A1303 Newmarket Road in Stow cum Quy, Cambridgeshire County Council plans to remove almost 50 trees, lower the speed limit and make other changes to improve road safety for drivers. Some. has been produced by the County Council, with support from Cambridgeshire Horizons and the City and District Councils, and will in particular guide the County Council in the use of its powers as Highways Authority. It compliments national design guidance, such as the Government's Manual for Streets, and the local design guidance that ha

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Is Wendy's dream house about to turn into her worst nightmare? From the moment Wendy Thornton first laid eyes on number 37, The Ashes, she knew she had to have it. It may seem neglected on the outside, but Wendy is convinced it's her perfect family home. It just needs to be loved. It needs her. Whe.. The service is a provider within the Cambridgeshire County Council Directory for alternate provision for schools. The service is also able to provide counselling services within primary schools (preventative measure) and secondary schools (early intervention measure) with regards to mental health issues Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine not only explores the stories behind the popular BBC genealogy TV series, but also helps you uncover your own roots. Each issue is packed with practical advice to help you track down family history archives and get the most out of online resources, alongside featur.. Cambridgeshire County Council is seeking to award a framework agreement for the provision of arboriculture services within the County boundaries. The Council manages around 150 000 trees in educational settings not including those on the highway, or other land — properties The trees were part of the A14 upgrade between Cambridge and Huntingdon, which was completed last year. But in a Cambridgeshire County Council agenda it was revealed many had died off and were.

Cambridgeshire County Council's Farm Estate is 33,400 acres (13,400 ha) and it is the largest of its kind in England and Wales. NB to submit a quote and to receive the full details, you will need to firstly provide your CHAS registration certificate - providers who do not have the above accreditation shall not be considered This includes garden trees such a flowering cherries and the like. If you think your tree may be covered by a TPO then you should contact either the village Tree Warden or South Cambridgeshire District Council's tree officer for advice before undertaking any pruning or felling

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But a report for Cambridgeshire County Council's highways and transport committee on March 9 says: Whilst there has been one million trees planted as part of the scheme, a large proportion. Report to Cambridgeshire County Council's Development Control Committee 17 July 2006 6. Tree survey / arboricultural report Policy Driver National Planning Policy Framework (2012) Cambridge City Local Plan (2006) policy 4/4: Trees East Cambridgeshire Local Plan (2015) policies ENV 1: Landscape an Ecology. Protected species are a material consideration in the planning process. Information about the presence of protected species will be required before an application can be determined (surveys cannot be conditioned as part of a planning consent).. You can view and search for more information on ecology and biodiversity within the District by visiting the Cambridge & Peterborough. Cambridgeshire County Council information. Follow us on Twitter! Join our Facebook Page

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Gillian, 64, began her working career in 1983 as a trainee lawyer with Leeds City Council and over the years has worked her way to the top of the tree. In 2008 she was awarded an OBE for her work in local government. Her deputy chief executive at Cambridgeshire, Chris Malyon, retired recently To use the map select on the blue 'search' button on the left-hand side of the map. You can either: choose the correct setting under 'Legend Control' or. search by postcode and address to find a property. Use the zoom controls and drag the map to move to the required location. Once you've found the required location, click on the map for. The group now has dozens of members who regularly go out and clean up rubbish dumped in trees, bushes and on the roads. Cambridgeshire County Council 'Radical overhaul' promised for council. Grounds Maintenance Services for Cambridgeshire County Council. The Authorities wish to appoint a Provider to provide Grounds Maintenance services across the areas outlined within the documents. REFERENCE 9QAD-N9NG2L . Grounds Maintenance for CCC P & R and Guided Busway Sites, and South Cambridgeshire DC Housing Site

Cambridgeshire County Council consists of 69 councillors representing 60 electoral divisions. Spaldwick is part of the electoral division of Sawtry and Ellington and is Across from the school is a children's playground, and behind the houses are trees and walking paths. It is home to a number of active clubs and groups Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Essex, Suffolk and surrounding areas -Click here for service map area You can be assured of a premium service from a team of Arborists with a combined experience of over 100 years in the industry Cambridgeshire (abbreviated Cambs.) is a county in the East of England, bordering Lincolnshire to the north, Norfolk to the north-east, Suffolk to the east, Essex and Hertfordshire to the south, and Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire to the west. The city of Cambridge is the county town.Modern Cambridgeshire was formed in 1974 through the amalgamation of two administrative counties. The Sheffield election was shaped by a years'-long dispute over local trees. including losing control of the Isle of Wight Council and Cambridgeshire County Council - although they remain.

Cambridgeshire County Council is responsible for most of the verges in Huntingdonshire. Depending on the location of the verge, it could be cut by either Huntingdonshire District Council, town and parish councils, or Cambridgeshire County Council. If you are unsure who cuts the grass verges please contact us on 01480 388640 A large proportion of the nearly one million trees planted as part of the A14 upgrade in Cambridgeshire have died, a council report has said. The tree planting was part of the £1.5 billion. Parish Council. Southoe and Midloe is a small civil parish in Cambridgeshire, England. The parish lies approximately 6 miles (10 km) south-west of Huntingdon. The parish comprises the small village of Southoe and the even smaller settlement of Midloe. The two settlements are situated within Huntingdonshire which is a non-metropolitan district. As leader of the Conservative group at the County Council, both me personally and the entire group were deeply upset by the fact that Cambridgeshire County Council would go back into no overall control. Accepting that your offer did not appeal to sufficient people is a message we need to listen to Elections 2021: Cambridgeshire County Council parties answer your key election questions. Cambridgeshire goes to the polls next month for a host of elections. In the latest of our Q&As designed to help you make an informed decision, we ask senior members vying for power at Shire Hall to explain their policies and views on key topics

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2. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. 3. For full searches with partial field entries, you may enter 3 or more characters in the surname and first name fields: the list of results will be substantially longer. 4. The date search will include the +/- number of years either side of the entered date. 5 Cambridgeshire County Council said they would be checking on the webs to determine the species. A spokesperson said: We have a few different species of web-forming moths in Cambridgeshire and. Construction Consultants Framework for Cambridgeshire County Council. Cambridgeshire County Council is procuring its own Construction Consultants Framework to deliver Project Management and other technical services to help oversee its Education capital programme of works. United Kingdom-Cambridge: Construction-related services. 2019/S 034-076951

The Parish Council also acts as agent of the County under the Parish Paths Scheme to maintain and improve the thirty public footpaths in the parish. Bourn Parish Council is a member of the Coalition of Parish Councils which provides a forum for 23 parish councils located in the A428 corridor west of Cambridge to speak with one voice on matters. Highways England and Cambridgeshire County Council have provided £42,500 for a number of upgrades on the Ouse Valley Way, including vegetation clearance, surfacing works, and new signage and.

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Sanctuary Group. Dec 2012 - Jun 20152 years 7 months. March Cambridgeshire. Dealing with rent arrears, supporting residents with all housing needs, managing the kitchen staff and ensuring we are promoting and providing a good service, managing the front of house staff and general assistants. Checking for voids and property allocations Farcet is a village in Cambridgeshire, England. Farcet lies approximately 2 miles (3 km) south of Peterborough City Centre, between Yaxley and the Peterborough suburb of Old Fletton. The Parish of Farcet was established in 1851, having previously been part of the parish of Stanground, its northern neighbour, when the vicarage of Stanground included the curacy of Farcet's village church

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Rural Development Programme England in Cambridgeshire and West Norfolk through the Leader approach. The LAG is managed by Cambridgeshire County Council & Cambridgeshire ACRE and supported by EEDA, Defra, Local Authorities and the EU's European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe Investing in Rural Areas Cambridge County Council (CCC) is responsible for: Problems on the highways include potholes, kerbs, verges, flooding, hedges and trees, public rights of way, road markings and signs and traffic signals

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Taxi and private hire driver, vehicle and operator licences. Trees and Hedges. Tree maintenance, Huntingdonshire Tree Strategy, tree preservation orders. Community Transport. Bus services, community car schemes, community minibus. Litter. Report littering and broken or damaged litter bins. Report a Problem With a Road or Path Cambridgeshire County Council 's Youth in Community's service support the development of a youth offer for Cambridgeshire. The principles of this offer are that it is: • Led by communities • Delivered by effective partnerships. 3 • Informed and enjoyed by young peopl Cambridgeshire County Council will improve air quality throughout by: Increasing green canopy by: - Working with partners to locate, seek funding and plant at suitable locations, new hedges and trees, as well as technologically advanced City Trees, prioritising areas around schools, as well as green walls in appropriate County locations March is a Fenland market town and civil parish in the Isle of Ely area of Cambridgeshire, England.It was the county town of the Isle of Ely which was a separate administrative county from 1889 to 1965. It is now the administrative centre of Fenland District Council.. The town grew by becoming an important railway centre. Like many Fenland towns, March was once an island surrounded by marshes

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We welcome the interim report of the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Climate Change Commission, and the priority actions it assigns to the County Council as well as to the Combined Authority, district councils, and other agencies. Under the Liberal Democrats, the County Council will pursue an ambitious path to net zero carbon Cambridgeshire and Peterborough is operated by the County Wildlife Sites Panel. DEFRA have produced a handbook, Local Sites (2006), which is designed to be a complete guide to how the County Wildlife Site system operates. It is aimed at people who work with this system of non-statutory sites such as land owners an Gamlingay Parish Council, Gamlingay. 1,101 likes · 113 talking about this · 11 were here. Gamlingay Parish Council We reserve the right to remove, without notice, any disruptive, offensive or.. Among other things, the Council considers local planning applications for the planning authority, the South Cambridgeshire District Council; provides the local recreation area, the People's Hall, litter bins, dog waste bins and the bus shelter; arranges for local verge cutting on behalf of the Cambridgeshire County Council and works with that. Published 1 Jun 2021. Suffolk Highways has been working with Highways England, Suffolk and Norfolk Police, Allelys, and Cambridgeshire County Council. We have been working together to prepare for the next abnormal load - transformer movement, on behalf of National Grid. The movement will take place on Sunday 6 June and commence from Cliff Quay.

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East Cambridgeshire District Council, Ely, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom. 1,834 likes · 29 talking about this · 35 were here. This is the official Facebook page for East Cambridgeshire District.. Peterborough City Council South Cambridgeshire District Council 3.2 Option: 3.2.1 To recommend that the Draft East Cambridgeshire District County Wildlife Sites Register 2009 be approved for consultation with key stakeholders or not. 4.0 ARGUMENTS/CONCLUSIONS 4.1 The main policy document in the Local Development Framework (LDF) is th Cambridgeshire is an inland county which comprised part of the region known as East Anglia in east central England. John Marius Wilson, Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales (1870-72) 4c Number of trees by genus in total council land.csv Data Preview: Note that by default the preview only displays up to 100 records. Use the pager to flip through more records or adjust the start and end fields to display the number of records you wish to see polygon ((0.0992789495437 52.171302084, 0.100001763864 52.1717756792, 0.0998985017956 52.1727504436, 0.101284694663 52.1738002899, 0.101550134802 52.1748395225, 0.

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Breckland Council aims to protect and enhance the landscape and its biodiversity in keeping with the policies of the adopted Core Strategy and Development Control Policies and with national and international obligations. Geodiversity. Geodiversity is the variety of rocks, minerals and landforms beneath our feet. Trees in Conservation Areas This process shall result in the award of a single contract to the successful provider, with both Cambridgeshire County Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council party to the contract. Both CCC and SCDC shall nominate contract managers to manage their own elements of the contract, and the contract shall be structured in such a way that.

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COPE represents the older people of Cambridgeshire, ensuring their voices are heard. Membership of COPE is FREE, and open to anyone aged 50 or over in Cambridgeshire, inclusive of all ethnicities, faiths and political views. Anyone living in Cambridgeshire is welcome to join COPE and add to our voice county's transport network, such as sustainability and growth pressures. 1.5 Cambridgeshire's highway network is by far the most valuable asset for which the County Council is responsible, with a gross replacement cost in 2019/20 in the order of £12.1 billion, (in accordance with Whole of Government Accounts principles). Th The county council said it uses it to spot-treat weed growth, while South Cambridgeshire said it used it in limited ways but would be seeking alternatives. East Cambridgeshire said it used the chemical in line with government guidelines but regularly reviewed its use The Healthier Options Award aims to increase healthier food and drink choices when eating out in Cambridgeshire. Local takeaways and food outlets with a food hygiene rating of three or above are awarded for providing and promoting Healthier Options. Healthier Options is about giving people an easier option to eat more healthily if they want to

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Memorial Seats, Trees and Flower Meadows. Apply for a memorial seat, tree or flower meadow. Public Health Funerals. Birth, death & marriage registrations are managed by Cambridgeshire County Council. Children's Social Care. Children's Social Care is managed by Cambridgeshire County Council. State Pensions. Find out about the state pension The county is now divided between Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council, which, since 1998, forms a separate unitary authority. In the county there are five district councils, Cambridge City Council, East Cambridgeshire District Council, Fenland District Council, Huntingdonshire District Council and South Cambridgeshire. Cambridgeshire County Council is working hard to make Cambridgeshire a great place to call home, where people live independently and safely in strong communities that help and support each other. To realise the vision, the Council's Corporate Strategy for 2019-21 prioritises three broad outcomes for the period: 1. A good quality of life for.