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The white substance you see is mycelium. Mycelium is the vegetative part of the fungus, similar to the roots of a plant. And the mushroom is like the flower on the plant. Let the mycelium grow for at least 15 days, and it can take much longer. Once your jars are 100-percent colonized by mycelium, wait a week then proceed to phase two Mycelium has seemed to have stopped growing, could use some advice. Please read captions. Question. 1/3. All these bags were inoculated on the 4th of June and grew well for the first couple of weeks but for the last 10 days or so has shown very little growth. 0 comments. share. save. hide As my mycelium hasn't stopped growing I am yet to experiment with the heat process and the end product, when that happens I will update my instructable to explain my development. As I said in the introduction this is a work in progress project

After innocculation the mycellium ran well for 2 weeks. After that 2 weeks have gone. No pin heads are growing. The mycellium spread in one bag seems to have stopped spreading while the other bag has started reducing Is that mold or mycelium in your grain spawn jars? Look at how things are growing on the bird seed to determine if it is the mycelium or a contaminant like. It is the mycelium that absorbs the nutrients needed to produce a mushroom for harvest. Lack of nutrients or errant bacterial growth can inhibit the growth of the mycelium. Many times the growth of mycelium is based upon how well the material for the growing medium is prepared. If mycelia are disturbed, they may become infected and die Most folks in biotechnology working with mycelium grow on liquid media and then destroy their cells at the end. The cells exist only to create an output, like beer in the case of yeast. In our process, we let the cells form beautiful and intricate 3D networks of mycelium that become the material, object or product Growing mushrooms is relatively simple once you understand the process, but there are a few common problems many new mushroom growers experience as they get started. Here are some of the most common issues and some solutions to try out. A) Incubation Stage 1. Mycelium Is Not Growing in Substrate Jars. This is a common problem with growing.

Mycelium is a common fungus found in all kinds of mushrooms. The way they grow is that a white fuzzy root network of mushrooms called Hyphae, infiltrate and spread through the growing medium. Gradually the roots strengthen as they thicken and the growing medium becomes covered with the white fuzzy hyphae Temperature Growing mycelium should be kept in an ideal temperature range. For example, P. cubensis colonizes most rapidly between 75-80°F (24-27°C). Temperatures higher than this range may kill the mycelium and encourage growth of contaminants, and temperatures lower than this range may slow down colonization 6. Mycelium Stopped Growing. If you have mycelium that is tearing across a substrate and all of a sudden stalls, chances are it is running into contamination. You can monitor it, and try to mix it around, but best approach is a wait and see. If it is contamination, that will soon be apparent Generally, it is best to ventilate as little as possible until the mycelium has begun to show at the surface of the casing, and to stop watering at the time when pin initials are forming. If the carbon dioxide is lowered too early by airing too soon, the mycelium will stop growing through the casing and mushroom initials form below the surface.

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  1. During colonization process and mycelium growth the optimal conditions of light, temperature, gas concentration, pH and moisture should be controlled because they can dramatically change properties..
  2. Mushroom growers will say that all you need is a dark room to grow mushrooms, but temperature and humidity play the main role in whether mushrooms will put forth a fruiting body. Compost that is not finished will certainly produce too much heat for a button mushroom and will kill the mycelium
  3. ally ill cancer patients using psilocybin, a psychoactive compound found in some m..
  4. Our Shiitake Mushroom Growing Kit is a colony of mushroom mycelium growing on a mix ture of hardwood sawdust, grain and water. It is a living thing and is intended to be grown right away. If you are not able to start your kit within a week of rec eiving it, you can safely refrigerate it for up to four weeks at normal refrigerator temps (34-39*F)
  5. Mushrooms and fungus can remain on mycelium blocks in any light level, unlike the situation on other blocks, where mushrooms are broken (dropping as items) during block updates in high light. Huge mushrooms can grow on mycelium, just as they can grow on dirt, grass, or podzol. Mycelium cannot be tilled with a hoe to make farmland
  6. After just a few days, mycelium will start to be visible as white threads growing together. Step 5. Fill the container almost to the top, leaving just a few inches of space to make room for developing mushrooms. When you stop adding filters and coffee, the mycelium will finish colonizing. Step 6
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The first few days in the growing cycle, your mycelium is rehydrating, and is taking up as much water as possible to encourage growth! It is normal to not see mushrooms sprouting within the first few days following your initial soaking of the mushroom farm. Continue to give it water daily and be patient Reading Time 7 minutes. Image of humanized mushrooms and a hand with a magnifying glass trying to identify the problem . Home growing of magic mushrooms is a simple activity if you take into account some factors, especially hygiene and safety.When a mushroom bread becomes contaminated we lose time, money and sometimes even our illusion about producing our own entheogens

How to Kill Mushrooms Without Harming Landscaping. Mushrooms can pop up overnight and mar the look of an otherwise full and lush lawn. Because the main part of the fungus, the mycelia, is in a. The mycelium kicked off in the beginning and then just kind of stopped growing at around the half way mark. I think it has been halted for possibly a month maybe longer. My incubator sits around 28 degrees celsius, at most it gets to mb 32 and down to possibly 25. No light gets in, it is wrapped in a towel and a garbage bag (Also this helps.

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Mycelium growing close to this area starts to dry out and die. In the plug itself, drying substrate causes microcracks and through these crack moisture starts to escape the bag, disrupting gas and water exchange in the block. All this signals the mycelium of adverse conditions both outside and inside the block, and therefore reproductive organs. mycelium will always be a brilliant white fuzz, often growing in ropy strands. This ropy type of growth is called rhizomorphic growth, and is a sign that the mycelium will probably fruit very well. Any other color of mold, is a sign of stopped producing mushrooms, the perlite might start getting a little bit skunk The mycelium appeared in the dishes after just about 24 hours.. then it kept growing.. for like 4 or 5 days. Then it just stopped. Now, after one or two weeks, nothing else happened. It's in the same state. The agar is not fully colonized.. the mycelium is really really thin.. if you need a pic, tell me, i will try to take one

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Mycelia are the growing parts of a mushroom fruit. The mycelia resemble white hairs that extend into the growing medium. From these small hairs sprout the fruits of the mushroom which are then harvested. It is the mycelium that absorbs the nutrients needed to produce a mushroom for harvest Following this was to grow Mycelium in different textile substrates for a longer period. Unfortunately Mycelium is not using the textiles as a food source, so it stopped growing. To keep the growth going, maceraat had to be added at certain times. After growing the plates more than six months, the growth was still not good

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Tired of the amount of plastic piling up around the planet as well as the treatment of farm animals, Eben Bayer, CEO and co-founder of Ecovative Design, began growing mycelium. Rather than being reliant on petroleum, these products use local feedstock from crop waste such as seed husks and woody biomass (which means the material can be grown. I started growing oyster mushroom in bags around 13 days before from today. The mycelium growth is good, but it doesn't show any sign of pin head till now. Should I wait for some more times? Ankita Gujarat, India. The mycelium has to fully fill the growing medium before it will produce fruits, I think you are right on track Growing the leaf shape takes one to two weeks. If grown for longer, the mycelium would produce actual mushrooms, so Ruben heats the material at a low temperature to stop the growth

The developed mycelium-materials are natural polymeric composites (chitin, cellulose, proteins, etc.) that require minimum energy for production (self-growing), and their characteristics can be. The growing condition of mycelium was observed every 2 days, and the process was stopped on the 11th day of the growing period. The mycelium biofoam was dried in an oven at 100 °C for 24 h (Appels et al. 2019). Characterisation and mechanical testin They feed on the mycelium, stipe and gills of mature mushrooms. While pasteurization protects the early growth of mushrooms, it won't stop invaders from outside sources, the exterior environment and so on. It's through these channels that pests continue to recur in a growing environment. Solutions Most species of mites are beneficial to mushroom growing, as they feed on eelworms and other mites and are actively engaged in the fragmentation and mixing of the organic substrate. However, there are few, that can cause damage. They feed on the mushroom mycelium like the fungus gnats and may cause surface discolouration

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  1. g. If the carbon dioxide is lowered too early by airing too soon, the mycelium stops growing through the casing and mushroom initials form below the surface of.
  2. ation of the growing phase of the mycelium can be done by heating the mycelium. When the growing has been stopped, the sample can be removed from the mold
  3. Because the Mycelium will still exist, chances are that mushrooms will come back when conditions are favourable. To completely stop mushrooms growing you must kill the Mycelium from which they grow which is; Nearly impossible, and; Not recommended because of the benefits it brings to the health of your law
  4. Oyster mushroom mycelium growing on coffee grounds. Mycelium is a network of cells that are appear similar to a plant root system. Except mycelium is actually more like the plant and mushrooms are just its fruit. Mycelium has just one goal, to keep its species going. It does this by growing mushrooms to produce spores and reproduce
  5. g around your mushrooms move your fruiting block to a colder area and stop misting it to see if this sudden change in conditions prevents it's growth

Mycelium is one of the most abundant living systems on earth. It is a tissue composed of microfibers similar to threads that are part of the roots of fungi. This net made of threads called hyphae grows under the ground and, depending on environmental conditions such as humidity or temperature, can be fast growing, becoming a solid block Growing can't get any easier than this!! The mycelium is 'pre-grown,' which means that all the difficult work with fungi spores has been done in our lab . It is not as simple as 'plug and play,' but as long as you follow our manual, you will have the best chance to succeed

The substrates used as the filler material that the mycelium feeds on and weaves together are sterilized to prevent other organisms from growing. Then, once the mushroom insulation has finished growing, they hit it with steam to stop the growth. Get ready for mushroom insulation. None of the mushroom insulation products is ready for market yet Fungi Mycelium growing in the soft wood of a rotten log. This is the eating part of the fungus, it decomposes the dead tree. Squirrels often eat fungi mycelium. Fungi Mycelium growing in the soft wood of a rotten log. This is the eating part of the fungus, it decomposes the dead tree. Squirrels often eat fungi mycelium. 2786: 92: A velvety. Avoid This Dangerous Mistake Most Growers Make Using C02 in Marijuana Growing. Using C02 in marijuana growing during the lights-on part of each 24-hour period gives you faster growth and bigger yields if you do it right. Using C02 in marijuana growing increases growth rate, maturation rate, yield, and potency. Your marijuana plants grow faster. 3.1.1 Soak, boil, and drain your grain. 3.1.2 Put the grain in a bag and place it in a pressure cooker. 3.1.3 Add the liquid culture. 3.1.4 Wait for your mycelium to grow. 3.1.5 Spawn the colonized grain to a bulk substrate. 3.1.6 Tend to your mushrooms. 4 8 Best Places to Buy Liquid Mushroom Culture

Mycelium stopped growing mainly because of carbon source limitation and consequently inefficient energy source and carbon source needed for their growth. The third phase is AA synthesis. In this phase, mycelium stopped growing or even decreased, lipids content in biomass stopped increasing while AA content in lipids increased Because we have created optimum growing conditions, if even the tiniest competing species made its way inside the bag, it will compete with the mycelium for the food. Mold is the natural predator of a mushroom farm and is completely normal. Unfortunately, molds excrete an enzyme that will stop mycelium from growing The mycelium is growing into the liquid. Put it on shelf at wait for it to grow. The majority of mushrooms grow best at a temperature around 25C, outside of this they'll grow a little slower. I usually leave my jars on a shelf indoors for the first 4-5 days without disturbing it while the mycelium enters growth mode Once you get started growing mushrooms, you can keep the mushrooms growing in your garden perpetually by increasing the grow-medium and allowing their mycelium (mushroom roots) to keep colonizing and fruiting the grow-medium. A mushroom log can give you 3 to 5 years of mushroom harvest, before it is used up

When growing mushrooms from store bought stems, the process is quicker because you don't need to rely on spores and can use the mycelium already on the fungi. Spores become mycelium, so you are essentially cloning when re-growing mushroom ends. Mushroom seed is called spore, spawn, or inoculum Hyphae stop growing and a fruiting body forms to exploit the food source. Individual hyphae begin to produce spores. The mycelium break down into widely separated hyphae. Hyphae stop growing in length, but increase in diameter. Hyphae branch and extend rapidly from their tips to form a mycelium MyCelium has created a series of patentable processes and products, that offer an extensive array of turnkey growing solutions, from sterilizers, grains, and substrates to laboratory equipment and. Mushrooms may go undetected for months until the right growing conditions are present for them to sprout. This blend of spore and organic nutrients are called a spawn. A spawn is the living fungal culture, called mycelium, grown onto a substrate. It provides the backbone to any mushroom growing operation A: Yes, mycelium just stays dormant in colder temperatures and starts growing again when it warms up. It can survive the winter even in colder climates with no issues. The ideal temperatures for mycelium growth to occur are between 10 C and 30 C. If you still have questions about mushrooms, read my articles below to find answers: How Do.

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Growing Mushrooms from a Spore Syringe. There is several methods for growing mushrooms and most of them start by using a spore syringe, a liquid culture, or live spawn transfer. The most common method is to use a multi-spore syringe. This is mushroom spores mixed with water inside a syringe ready for injection The size of the harvest is dependent on the amount of growing medium. But generally 1 lb of growing medium will produce ¾ to 1 lb. of oyster mushrooms. In this way your small beginning of oyster mushroom mycelium can generate hundreds of lbs of mushrooms in a few months. Oyster mushrooms can grow on waste paper, wood shavings, straw, and spent. (80 C or 194 F) to stop the growing life cycle. This step is basically to kill the mycelium and to obtain a final bio prod-uct. In summary, the growing process takes about 12-20 days since the mycelium activation in the bag to the time when the myco-composite piece is ready to use. This is a sample of a mycelium growing process (Fig.2)

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  1. A third option is to spray them with a commercial fungicide, which may have an effect on the mycelium.You can disrupt the mycelium even more by aerating the ground around the places where mushrooms grow and adding high-nitrogen fertilizer.The fertilizer hastens the decomposition of the organic matter on which the mycelium feeds. You need a fast-release mixture, not a time-release one
  2. The sawdust is inoculated with shiitake mycelium (the fungus that propagates throughout the log), injected into the log with a special tool and then covered with melted wax. The next method is to use plug spawn, which is a wood dowel that has been impregnated with the mycelium. These are tapped into the holes drilled into the log and then.
  3. Once it has fully developed, the mycelium will develop a thick skin that helps to protect it. After this, the material can be dehydrated to kill the organism and stop the growing process
  4. If green or blue mold begins to grow inside your bag, it will be growing in competition with the mushroom mycelium. If there is only a little, than the mycelium may still outcompete it. However, if you check the bag and it has overtaken most of the mycelium, there is nothing that can be done. I often take it outside and compost it
  5. ated drops or such from rice touching lips can cause for jars and time down drain.. or buy a tapered funnel. just an extra 30 seconds of time help save time
  6. This mushroom growing kit was designed to let you grow mushrooms at home. It contains all the necessary components to grow several crops of mushrooms over an 8 to 12 week period of time. The mushroom compost has already been prepared and inoculated with the white colored mushroom mycelium (A moldy looking fungus) at the mushroom farm

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  1. Heat the tip of needle until glowing red. (stop as soon as red). Squirt 3 or 4 drops out of the needle to clear dead mycelium (due to heating needle). You are now ready to use the syringe in a clean environment. To properly inoculate grains, you need about 3 CC to 4 CC of liquid culture per 1L mason jar of grain
  2. This mushroom growing kit was designed to let you grow mushrooms at home. It contains all the necessary components to grow several crops of mushrooms over an 8 to 12 week period of time. The mushroom compost has already been prepared and inoculated with the white colored mushroom mycelium (A mouldy looking fungus) at the mushroom farm
  3. Fruiting in a bucket. a tea towel. Put a brick inside your bucket and fill the bucket with water so that the water level is a little below the top of the brick. Place your shiitake block on the brick so that it's above the water and place a tea towel over the bucket. The tea towel helps to keep the humidity up
  4. As the bacterial isolates showed antifungal activity, the observed inhibition of fungal mycelium growth was estimated using a three-level scale: (+) fungal mycelium showed delay in growth compared with the control, (++) fungal mycelium stopped growing in contact with the bacterial colony, and (+++) presence of clear antagonistic area free of fungal mycelium surrounding the bacterial colony
  5. The Ever-Growing World of Mycelium. One of the most rapidly renewable resources on the planet, mycelium, is the future of renewable source material for an ever-growing list of products. MycoWorks, a company that turns mycelium and other agricultural byproducts into leather, is at the forefront of this movement

First of all, the mycelium has to have completely colonized the substrate --- reaching the end of its habitat is one natural cue that prompts mushroom formation. When growing mycelium in an unnatural habitat, like plastic bags , you will also want to lower the carbon dioxide levels, which simulates the fungus reaching the outside world Mycelium. This is part of the mushroom life cycle that we actually get to see take form. It's not difficult to understand what mycelium is and does. Just think of mycelium as the roots of a plant. For the mushroom, mycelium is the web-like root system that remains rooted to the ground, yet, is capable of branching out Mycelium grows in ambient temperatures. Before using the substrate, you want to slow down the growing process. Place the substrate in the refrigerator (1° - 7°C) and best use it within five days. Don't place your substrate in the freezer. My GIY mycelium substrate arrived with some water inside of the bag Identifying contaminations. A contamination is an impurity in the air, the soil, and/or the water which can cause (serious) harm to the germinating spores, the growing mycelium and eventually the mushrooms themselves. A contamination can occur naturally or by the hands of humans. Actually, anything unwanted in your substrate and mycelium can be.

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  1. Growing fungi structures in space Study reference number: 16-6101 is fully grown, the growth of the mycelium has to be stopped in order to prevent the total consumption of the substrate and production of fruiting bodies. The growth can be stopped by heating. After the growth has been stopped the material can be treated with a surface finishin
  2. ating and then actually producing a mushroom are quite slim
  3. What should you do after your kit has stopped growing Updated on December 17, 2020 Once your mushroom kit has finished fruiting and it does not want to produce anymore mushrooms, remove the substrate from the plastic bag and either put it around your garden or indoor plants as mulch, or place in your compost or worm farm
  4. The mycelium, in the right conditions, produces a mushroom -- it bursts through with such ferocity that it can break asphalt. We were involved with several experiments. I'm going to show you six, if I can, solutions for helping to save the world. Battelle Laboratories and I joined up in Bellingham, Washington
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How to Get Rid of Mushrooms From an Old Tree Stump. If your yard is moist, shaded and rich in organic nutrients, chances are you've had to deal with a mushroom infestation or other fungal outbreak Which provides the mycelium good growing conditions. But on the other side, small particle size increased the density of the bulk and, therefore, reduces the growth rate. Second, larger particles are increasing the aeration inside the block, but if the particle size is too large, the cap in between them is too large for the mycelium to overcome

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You might be familiar with Danielle Trofe's Mush-Lume lighting collection and the concept of growing objects with mushroom mycelium—we've covered both stories on our site before. Thanks to Trofe and Ecovative Design, I learned how to DIY my own mushroom-grown container in the comfort of the GROW studio space at Industry City, Brooklyn.Yes, I really did grow a mushroom mycelium planter in my. Mycelium - The mycelium are thread-like spawn filaments that will join together to form a colony. Another indication that they're ready for harvest is when the heads begin to flatten out and stop growing. To harvest, twist the mushroom off or cut it off with a knife. In general, mushrooms don't have a long shelf life. Oyster mushrooms. The current technology used to make mushroom bricks entail killing the mycelium to stop it from eating the structural support. Though useful for creating bricks and building small structures, this technology prevents architects and engineers from growing taller structures

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In a last step the solid material is dried to stop the mycelium from growing. From that process packing material and even decoration can be made.[6] Imagine how many things could be substituted that are still petroleum-based and not compostable Mycelium will entangle the roots of plants and trees and nourish the plant life. Mycelium will help plants absorb water and nutrients, as well as build up the immunity of the trees and plants. This is called the mycorrhizal network, but I don't worry about that sort of technical jargon. Just remember that Mycelium is the helper of life

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Mycelium will quickly begin to grow thicker and more visible where it receives most fresh air. Reishi is ready to be harvested once the white or pale coloured leading edge has disappeared and stopped growing. Reishi will shed a large quantity of spores as it approaches maturity Growing mushrooms can look incredibly daunting. Anyone who has glanced through books like The Mushroom Cultivator by Jeff Chilton and Paul Stamets, or attempted to wade through Stamets' Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms (GGMM), will know what I am talking about: The technical terminology, expensive equipment, building a growing environmentomg, I just want to grow.

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There are several steps to growing shiitake mushrooms on logs. The first step is purchasing an inoculum which contains the mushroom cells (called mycelium) that will produce the mushrooms. It most commonly comes in 2 forms - inoculated sawdust, and small wooden dowels that have been inoculated with mycelium The last phase is the browning of the mycelium. Once this happens, pins will begin to sprout. Usually, it takes up to 8 weeks before the substrate browns. Growing Shiitake Mushrooms In Bags: Fruiting and Harvesting. In this section, we are going to talk about fruiting initiation techniques. This will help in giving growth cues to the mycelium The mycelium is the mushroom's vegetative part. While mushrooms remain stationary, the mycelium grows in search of nutrients for the fruiting bodies - in this case, the mushroom. That being said, dish soap should be used to target the mycelium to be able to control mushroom growth. What Type Of Dish Soap Should I Use To Kill Mushrooms Organic linen was naturally dyed, quilted, embroidered and sewn, then filled with hardwood sawdust and Pleurotus ostreatus mycelium. The work was set inside a humid chamber. After two days, mycelium began developing on the surface, the development of mycelium never stopped - however the growing mycelium was apparently not the targeted Pleurotus

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up with using mycelium material. Let's create in a world where biomaterial products are grown in new manufacturing processes using living materials - and you just helped GROW.bio take the important first step towards turning this dream into reality. There is a lot to learn about growing your own products, and this manual will get you started The experiments were monitored daily and measurements (from the edge of the central agar plug to the mycelial growth edge) where taken when mycelial growth of the tested microfungus reached the end of the control track; or when the mycelium stopped growing in the control track (Fig. 2).Effects on microfungi growth were assessed by dividing the. Mycelium is pretty tolerant of bleach, as are spores.I've even dipped wild cultures into ten percent bleach solution before cloning. Peroxide is another story though. Bleach is effective against bacteria, but since bacteria isn't a contaminant of fruiting substrates, there is no reason to dunk in it Both mycelium and bitcoin endure in the most competitive ecosystems on our planet and must constantly adapt in order to survive. They have skin in the game and become hardened from hostility. Fungi are in a 24/7 competitive environment, constantly fighting little underground battles against various bacteria, microbes, and competing fungi Mycologia, 102(5), 2010, pp. 1204-1215. DOI: 10.3852/08-095? 2010 by The Mycological Society of America, Lawrence, KS 66044-8897 Compatibility between Clonostachys isolates wit

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These mushroom extracts up-regulate genes coding for p53 and p21 proteins, which in turn stop tumors from growing and support tumor regression. Additionally, the non-alcohol soluble beta glucan and glycoprotein complexes found in oyster and other medicinal mushrooms alert the immune system's natural killer and cytotoxic T cells, improving the. The mycelium of a fungus is a structure of filaments called hyphae that networks underground or within a substrate to gather nutrients and grow. Examples of substrates are compost piles, straw, sawdust, wood chips, and North Spore's own developed substrate for indoor monotub cultivation: the Boomr Bag. Mushrooms release spores (pollen-like. The green bean plants only reached a height of approximately 6cm, stopped growing and wilted. Through the experience of growing fungi at home by myself, I learnt to be patient and not to give up easily despite having difficulties If you give up easily, your effort would be wasted and you will definitely regret it Sprinkle the white button mushroom spawn onto the damp growing medium. Mix it into the top 2-3 inches of the moist compost. Take 4-5 layers of newspaper, spray with a bit of water, and lay the newspaper on top of the scattered spawn. Cover the top of the box with a plastic bag with a few holes to help retain moisture Growing your own mycelium material is also useful in instances where transporting large amounts of building materials is difficult — like missions to Mars. True sustainability considers the end.

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This is what's responsible for the mushrooms that may or may not have appeared in the same mulch bed, a network of mycelium. When mycelium is growing, the term mushroom growers use to describe this is colonizing or colonization (#ColonizeThePlanet!) and the entire food source of this mycelium is considered its substrate Morgan Ruben drew on nature by growing his leaf-shaped Folium light from mycelium and designing his Luminosa lamp, which references the way bioluminescent worms attract prey. The Utrecht-based. Hyphae branch and extend rapidly from their tips to form a mycelium. Hyphae stop growing in length, but increase in diameter. Individual hyphae begin to produce spores. Hyphae stop growing and a fruiting body forms to exploit the food source. The mycelium break down into widely separated hyphae Science Insider posted an episode of World Wide Waste. Yesterday at 2:15 PM ·. A biotech company in upstate New York designs products made from the root structures of mushrooms. It takes about a week to grow their alternative to styrofoam packaging. And their vegan meat can be sliced into whole cuts and crisps up like bacon when fried The plates treated with 3g/L LiCl were arrested in the mycelium stage, and no initials or hyphal knots can be observed in the following 30 days. The mycelium treated with 6g/L LiCl stopped growing before reaching the edge of the petri dish. These results showed that LiCl of higher concentrations had stronger inhibitory effect on C