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Salvation Object Lesson. Salvation. Object Lesson. This salvation object lesson uses money to demonstrate how salvation through Jesus Christ is a free gift God offers; all we have to do is receive it! Key Takeaway: God's salvation through Jesus Christ is a free gift; it is not based on our works. Ephesians 2:8-10 - For you are saved by grace. August 10, 2020. August 15, 2020. · Lesson Plan Template. by Mary J. Bourquin. Plan Of Salvation Object Lesson - When I started educating, my first task was to compose lesson plans. I assumed it was really important to write lesson plans, at least to start with, so that I had a resource of information that I might refer to when the time came. Salvation Object Lesson - Seeds in Need of Living Water. This salvation object lesson uses a seed as such a beautiful picture of salvation! Several of Jesus' parables talk about the planting of seeds. By itself, a seed appears to be dead, and for all basic purposes in and of itself, it is • the object lesson (see next page) • the salvation conversation guide (see last page) WHAT YOU DO Gather supplies needed and sit together as a family. Read through the script provided. Ask each question (in the bold print) and let your kids answer. The text in orange will let you know how to use the egg and sharpie during the lesson

Jesus often used object lessons to help people understand the good news of salvation. Here are five object lessons you can use to teach kids about salvation: The Birthday Gift . Have a small wrapped gift for an illustration —Romans 6:23: Everyone has sinned. —Romans 6:23: The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus The most important thing we do is share the Gospel with kids and families. Jesus often used object lessons to help people understand the good news of salvation. Here are five object lessons you can use to teach kids about salvation. The Birthday Gift. have a small wrapped gift for an illustration Romans 6:23 - everyone has sinned Romans 6:23 - the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus If. Use this Bible Object Lesson for Kids to tell the gospel by folding and tearing a sheet of paper. Great salvation object lesson This New Year salvation object lesson has a favorite because kids can interact with it. Box of Rocks. Before class, gather a few empty shoeboxes and 10 or more rocks. Have a black permanent marker handy too. Ask two volunteers to come before the class and hold the empty shoeboxes. Tell the class, We were born to sin

10 Bible Object Lessons for Kids to Grab Their Attention. Miracle Berries. This is a fun object lesson because most kids, and adults, have never experienced this before. It works great when you are teaching on Job or how God can turn around bad situations. All you need are lemons and miracle berries My favorite object lesson is on salvation. You write on a dry erase board with a Sharpie marker. You can write specific sins or just the word Sin. Talk to the kids about how we can't get rid of our sins by ourselves, and sometimes our sin feels like we're stuck with it forever (permanent) Object Lesson - Plan of Salvation OBJECT LESSON DEMONSTRATION. Ask for four volunteers to help with this demonstration. Ask each to do one of the following in front of the class: Bring two or three fresh oranges to class. Cut in half. Use a citrus juicer to extract the juice from the orange and pour into a glas Chocolate Chip Cookie Salvation Object Lesson. On Easter Sunday this year I decided I wanted to share the Easter Story in a new way. I knew that many of my kids would have already heard the story many times, and I had to make it fresh to keep their attention. I was inspired to do a cooking object lesson because I love a good excuse to. You never know when God might want you to share the gospel with someone. Here's a salvation message that is as easy as a pen and a napkin

2. Jesus in Me, salvation: Talks about how Jesus grows in you as you read the Bible and pray. One balloon. 10. Noah, a witness: Tells the story of Noah through the use of a remembering jar. One big jar (plastic or glass), water, and some small toys. 11. Sharing: This Object Lesson points out the responsibility that comes with having an abundanc Object Lesson (Hold up the melon.) I have a melon here and today this melon is going to represent you! In John 10:10 it says that the Devil comes to destroy you. He will put bad thoughts and temptations in your head and he will try to get you to do all kinds of bad things. (Place the melon on the log or whatever you are using. This is a great object lesson to use for Easter or for a salvation message. Items Needed: 2 glasses, red food coloring, dissolvo paper (Dissolvo paper is available on the Internet of in magic shops. It dissolves when it comes in contact with water.) Preparation: Fill one glass with water. Put 2 to 3 drops of food coloring in the bottom of the.

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Object Lesson. Theme: Salvation. Cleansed by Jesus Christ. The Blood of Jesus Christ, God's Son, Cleanses Us From All Sin. Have three medium-sized glasses (so you can clearly see the contents). Label each glass with a little label at the top. One glass is marked SIN; one glass is marked MAN; and one glass is marked JESUS Lesson 5 - Trusting in Christ Alone. In this Sunday school lesson, the children will discover that faith is the key to receiving the gift of Salvation. Out of faith we are able to trust in Christ alone, confess His Holy name before others, be repentant of our sins, and finally in obedience to His Word, be baptized. View lesson 5 Object Lessons on God's Love and Forgiveness. 1. God's love can soften the hardest heart. Perhaps you think you've sinned too much, and God could never forgive you. Maybe you have a friend to whom you've spoken about Jesus, but her heart is as hard as stone and she doesn't want to ask Him for forgiveness and trust Him for salvation.

https://www.iFindSermons.com. Object lesson using a balloon and vase to show how that when you are filled with sin you can not be in Christ. So, you must c.. In this unforgettable game, following the wrong voice can lead to a place you don't want to be. It is important to listen for and follow the voice of the one who leads to salvation. Object Talks: Rock Under Water A visual display to describe the Christian significance of the Greek word for Baptism. Lessons: All You Need Is Lov Awesome Salvation Object Lesson for Kids. Use this Bible Object Lesson for Kids to tell the gospel by folding and tearing a sheet of paper. Great salvation object lesson! Article by FutureFlyingSaucers - Bible Object Lessons. 1.3k This fun, interactive salvation object lesson uses money to demonstrate how salvation is a free gift from God! Article by Creative Bible Study. 1.5k. Youth Group Lessons Kids Church Lessons Bible Lessons For Kids Children Church Youth Groups Preschool Bible Bible Activities Church Activities Money Activities 1. 10 Object Lesson You'll Love 10 anti-lame object lessons (with videos) that are pretty much guaranteed to make you a better teacher. 2. How to Explain Faith to Sunday School Kids My variation on a common method of teaching faith to kids. 3. Adam & Eve Lesson Pretty self-explanatory

Teaching the Armor of God? Use the high-energy Hats of Salvation game for your lesson on the Helmet of Salvation to get your kids moving while simultaneously helping them remember Bible truths. This is a perfect activity for Sunday School, VBS, children's ministry, or your homeschool or family devotions http://www.ifindsermons.com Object lesson using books or albums to show that when you try to build a staircase to heaven with your own good works it will col..

Salvation is Sealed Bible Background • ISAIAH 52:13-53:12; LUKE 24:1-35 Printed Text • LUKE 24:13-16, 22-35 | Devotional Reading • PHILIPPIANS 2:1-11 Aim for Change By the end of this lesson, we will IDENTIFY the connections between the Suffering Servant in Isaiah 52:13 Christian Sunday School Topical Index for Preschool Children, grouped by topic for easy selection. Click on one of the topics below for a list of related Activities, Object Talks, Crafts, Stories, Skits, or a host of other ideas to use in your class or Bible study Jesus often used object lessons to help people understand the good news of salvation. Here are five object lessons you can use to teach kids about salvation. The Birthday Gift. have a small wrapped gift for an illustration; Romans 6:23 - everyone has sinned ; Romans 6:23 - the gift of God is eternal life through Jesu Awesome Salvation Object Lesson for Kids I am indebted to a sweet young lady for sharing this idea. I told her I wanted to put it on my blog for the world to see and her words were, Make sure you show pictures step by step! So that is what I am going to do. I plan on using this with my Sparks and T&T kids who are Kindergarten through 6th.

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You have probably heard of the Salvation bracelet or the Salvation bear. They are made up of 5 colors that represent the salvation process. I wanted to illustrate this process to the children in our church and came up with the Salvation Cups! Materials: 1. 5 clear tall drinking glasses 2. Food coloring (dye) in 4 colors (Blue, Green, Red. Salvation Lesson One (Part One) Foundation Scriptures: 9 that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.10 For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.(Romans 10:9,10) 10 Let it be known to you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by.

Bible Boot Camp: Lesson 1: Salvation. We start Bible Bootcamp with the topic of salvation for a reason. Salvation is the first and most basic aspect of Christianity. None of the rest of the material in this series has any meaning for an unsaved person. Just like in the military, boot camp doesn't apply to civilians 1. Youth Ministry Object Lesson: Jelly Bean Salvation Use 5 colors of Easter Jelly beans to tell the Gospel. www.CreativeYouthIdeas.com www.creativeobjectlessons.com. 2. www.CreativeYouthIdeas.com www.creativeobjectlessons.com Materials Jelly Beans of each color below: Yellow, Black, Red, White, Green. You can choose to place all of one color. Salvation Children's Sermons & Resources. These children's sermons help create a Plan of Salvation Sunday school lesson. Use printable coloring pages and crossword puzzles to help demonstrate that salvation and heaven is a free gift from God! Home Categories Christian Life Salvation In this object lesson we work to teach kids about how sin affects our relationship with God and what happens when we repent and let go of that sin. Also be sure to grab the free Object Lesson booklet that you can print out. It has pictures, a step by step teacher's guide, a supplies checklist, preparation notes, and more to help make this.

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  1. An object lesson is a teaching method that consists of using a physical object or visual aid as a discussion piece for a lesson (Wikipedia, object lesson) In the gospel classroom, an object lesson is a lesson part that uses an object or picture to teach a gospel principle
  2. Youth Object Lessons: Five Illustrations Tips for Including Great Illustrations in your Teaching. By Angie Franklin November 2, 2018. If you've been tracking with the LeaderTreks blog for a while, you know that we got our start leading Mission Trips and that we have a heart for helping youth workers become great teachers. We've talked How to Teach for Transformation, How to Make Your.
  3. Lesson 5: The Gospel: God's Power for Salvation (Romans 1:16-17) About JW Player 6.4.3359... 00:00. 00:00. 00:00. Fullscreen. James Boice wrote that these verses, Romans 1:16-17, are the most important in the letter and perhaps in all literature. They are the theme of this epistle and the essence of Christianity ( Romans [Baker], 1:103)
  4. Salvation means to be saved from something. Biblically this salvation means to be saved from death. Below is a simple explanation of what this mean. Acts 4:12 Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved
  5. Rom 3:23. Everyone has sinned and fallen short of God's glorious standard. 4 When we add food coloring to the water, it stains the water. The water becomes dirty. 5 In the same way, when we sin, our hearts become stained. 6 When our hearts become stained by our sins, it prevents us from having a relationship with God
  6. utes Description This object lesson teaches that Jesus purchased a gift for everyone who has ever lived or ever will live. It was the gift of eternal life. But even though He paid a tremendous price for it, He still allows us to choose whether or not we will receive it. Audienc

Object Lesson - Jelly Bean Salvation. 1. www.CreativeYouthIdeas.com Object Lesson - Jelly Bean SalvationUse 5 colors of EasterJelly beans to tell the Gospel. www.CreativeEasterIdeas.com. 2. www.CreativeYouthIdeas.comMaterialsJelly Beans of each color below:Yellow, Black, Red, White, Green.You can choose to place all ofone color together inside. The Lesson Isaiah begins his book with a Word from God to Israel, His people. He talks to them about their sinfulness and how serious things had gotten. In Chapter 1:5-6, he paints for them an allegorical scene. He talks of an individual with a serious medical issue. Imagine a person with open, oozing sores covering thei Of all the science object lessons I do, this is one of my favorites. Not only does it have an unexpected result, but the visual makes the lesson stick in the memories of children long afterwards. Salvation found in Jesus. (Pour the dark Karo® syrup into the cylinder. Today I will share one of my favorite object lessons about Jesus taking on our sins. Supplies: A plate, a coin, a candle, matches (or lighter), cup of colored water (any color can be used) and a clear drinking glass. Show the penny to everyone telling them that the penny represents us. Place the penny on the plate, off to a side Check out the completed project and I will explain the object lesson To me, this battle between the wizards Saruman the White and Gandalf the Grey is a reminder of the battle between evil and good the battle that occurred between Satan and Jesus in His earthly walk

God's Plan of Salvation—Paul's letter to the Romans. God's Plan of Salvation. A series of lessons in Paul's letter to the Romans. We examine faith and works, sin and its solution, the power of the gospel, the chain of events in salvation, and God's living way. Tap any title next to an arrow in the list below Salvation. Youth. Discussion. Small Group. Catechism. Feed. OneHope. These four lessons will help your students to better appreciate the wonder of salvation through faith in Jesus by talking about concepts like justification, adoption, and sanctification. View More

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This object lesson is perfect for demonstrating the power of Jesus in our lives. All of us sin and we are tainted beyond repair, even when we try ourselves to fight off the sin that so easily entangles. It is only when we allow Jesus to come into our lives that we are cleansed and purified Explain that this lesson is an overview of the plan of salvation. It shows how the principles of the gospel relate to each other as part of one great plan. 2. Premortal life. Explain that the plan of salvation can be divided into three parts: premortal life, mortal life, and life after death. Write Premortal Life on the chalkboard. Point out. Create an outline for teaching the plan of salvation. Consider using the lesson plan ideas on pages 55-58 of Preach My Gospel as a reference. Think of a time when your knowledge of the plan of salvation has blessed your life. Write a summary of that experience in your study journal or share it with a friend This object lesson is perfect to use at Halloween. Something that people use as decoration will remind children how Jesus saves them from their sin. Needed: 2 jack-o-lanterns. One should have a frown carved, and should be warped and ugly. It shouldn't be cleaned out completely and shouldn't have a light in it Growing In Grace - Lesson 1 Print out here Lesson 1 ASSURANCE OF SALVATION One of the most important things in your new life as a Christian is your assurance of salvation. There are far too many people today who lack this assurance. They simply do not know that they are saved. IT IS POSSIBLE FO

  1. Lesson 12: God's New Covenant. Dear Friend, The great salvation which God has provided for us is all of grace. God's grace is revealed to us in His Word in three ways: God's facts, God's promises, and God's covenants. God's facts point to the past and tells us what God has already done. God's promises point to the future and tell us what God.
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  3. Paul Learned About Jesus Hour A Lesson Plan. Every lesson from God's Unfolding Story for Older Preschoolers includes two lesson plans (Hour A and Hour B). This is the Hour A lesson plan for Paul Learned About Jesus (NT10L1HA). It includes the Hour A lesson plan and the needed reproducibles for that plan. Click on the Get Activity button below.
  4. The object of one's faith for salvation is crucial. There is only one way to be saved, and that is through the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is not the best way to God; He is the only way to God. Each lesson consists of 20 or so ready-to-use questions that get groups talking, as well as answers from well-known authors such as Charles Swindoll.
  5. The Book of Books - A general introduction to the Bible dealing with inspiration, how to read and study the Bible, Bible customs, how the OT and NT Books fit together, how we got our Bible, destructive criticism, etc. Good for adults and teens. Good for a Sunday School Quarter (13 lessons). New Testament Books - Introducing the 27 Books of the New Testament

Salvation - Bible Crafts. Bible Do-A-Dot Activity Sheets with Salvation Message . Caterpillar Changing to a Butterfly Folding Craft Stick Craft. Salvation Butterfly Craft Stick Craft . Sand Art Salvation Message He Will Make You Clean! Bible Lesson Craft New Creation Butterfly Folded Paper Craft. Salvation Keychai Awesome Children's Salvation Lesson (includes printable!) When it's time to share the precious gospel with our kids, we want Bible lessons for young kids and older kids alike. This Salvation object lesson is for all ages. On Fire for Jesus ~ Acts 1 and 2 Object Lesson. The Chocolate Sauce Lesson. No surprise, this fun Bible lesson is number. Lesson 5: Sin and Salvation. We believe that salvation is a gift of God and is received by man through personal faith in Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for sin. We believe that man is justified by grace through faith apart from works ( Acts 13:38-39, Romans 6:23, Ephesians 2:8-10 ). We believe that all true believers, once saved, are kept. BIG IDEA: GOD GIVES ME THE HELMET OF SALVATION AIM: 'Helmet of Salvation' Childrens Lesson. SONG IDEAS: 'Armor of God' by Troy and Genie Nilsson 'Armor of God' by Bear Hug Band 'Full Armor of God' by KidSpring Music 'Armor of God' Kickstart Worship 'I Am a Christian' by Ken Blount 'Soldier in the Army of the Lord' by Go Fish Guys GAME IDEAS Salvation Series . Lesson #5 : Eternal Security. In this lesson we are going to deal with the subject of Eternal Security. This is a very important subject because it is one of the key differences between the Baptist doctrine and all other denominations

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  1. Get the Salvation Scriptures Lesson Pack today and get them excited about their salvation in Christ. Order now. P.P.S. Remember the current special low price offer won't last long. Receive The Salvation Scriptures Lesson Pack for just $19 before it is too late! Order now. P.P.P.S
  2. We only have to believe and receive free salvation! Object Lesson Props & Optional Materials: Baby pictures of celebrities (or people in the church!) Bible Passage: John 3:1-17 More Ideas for teaching about Jesus and Nicodemus • Jesus and Nicodemus Sunday School Lesson • Nicodemus Seeks Jesus Bible Lesson for Kid
  3. Our Daily Bread, Open Heaven Devotional, Rhapsody Of Realities, Sunday School Manuals, Inspirational Messages cac living water,In Touch,Rick Warre
  4. Salvation Eggs: The perfect, super-simple object lesson for Easter! (video) March 13, 2021 Being Grandma April, Easter, grandkids, salvation, video The Laughing Grandma. Try it with your own grandkids! 2 Simple supplies are all you need! Write Sins On the Boiled Egg
  5. We call this salvation. There are three different terms that Romans 3 uses to help us understand salvation more fully. The first of these terms is righteousness. To be righteous means to be justified before God. We are made righteous because Jesus has given His righteousness to us who believe. The second term to help us understand salvation is.
  6. Salvation An Overview of Salvation Allan McNabb BibleStudyGuide.org 1 allan@biblestudyguide.org Salvation A. Introduction: 1. In this lesson, we will overview salvation. B. God's eternal plan: 1. God planned man's salvation from before the creation of the world (Eph. 2:10; 3:11). 2. God wants everyone to be saved (1 Tim. 2:4; 2 Pet. 3:9). 3
  7. Salvation Bible Study ~ Scriptures on the Gift of Eternal Life Through the Lord Jesus Christ. This twenty-five-question study is a companion study to, and directly correlates with, the pages immediately following page 57 of John / Romans. 3. In Eternal Promises from the Gospel of John you will study what the Scriptures say about eterna
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Object Lesson: Use objects in your house or classroom to create areas that parallel the situations described in Psalm 23. Dress up like a shepherd with a robe and a long rod. The children will pretend to be sheep and follow the shepherd through each area. Green Pastures: Use soft carpet or soft green blankets for a green pasture When it comes to teaching your kids about Easter, there are a lot of big topics to tackle - concepts like sin and salvation, forgiveness and new life, death and resurrection. Have you considered combining teaching with an object lesson? This instruction-plus-activity combo helps clarify and reinforce the lesson for your child Reconciliation and salvation (Aug. 1, 2021) July 9, 2021 by Richard Boyce Leave a Comment. Uniform Lesson for August 1, 2021. Scripture passage and lesson focus: Romans 10:5-17. The verses of Scripture I hear most frequently quoted are of constant astonishment to me. One of these passages appears in the middle of this week's lesson: If you. Conference Parables - Memorable stories in General Conference by those who told them. This story is taken from Boyd K. Packer's talk Washed Clean (April 1997).Included is an object lesson that goes right along with it that teaches the importance of needing to be cleansed from sin AND there's a bonus video included that was created using the closing lines of his talk Younger children have an easier time memorizing songs, which makes it a great activity to reinforce a salvation lesson. Perhaps the most popular salvation song written for children is Jesus Loves Me. The second of the song's four verses is especially helpful in teaching children about the ultimate sacrifice that Christ made

8 Science Object Lessons for Children's Ministry. Use these 8 science object lessons for children's ministry to plug into kids' curiosity about the way things work — and connect them to God. With the controversy of evolution versus creationism, we Christians sometimes shun science completely — as though its very existence threatens. Preteen Youth Group Lesson - Salvation. This is a stand alone VIDEO lesson designed to clearly, compellingly and creatively communicate the gospel message to preteens! The lesson comes complete with artwork, video, PowerPoint slides, small group activities and discussion questions. Here's an overview of the lesson: Bible: Luke 18:18; Luke. Salvation has nothing to due with having life or a physical existence. The Bible says that Jesus will come again, and the dead will rise at this time. This includes both Christians and non-Christians. At this time, everyone will be given immortal bodies, and God will conquer death. So everyone will live and be immortal.

On Fridays, I attempt to plan a simple object lesson to go along with Bible study. Since we have been studying knights of the Middle Ages lately, I thought a lesson on the Armor of God made a nice tie-in. The lesson is quick, but powerful. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God Object Lesson Activity Instructions: First gather all your supplies needed. For the jar make sure it is completely clear and has a wide enough mouth to be able to stir rapidly. A drinking glass might work, but it might also be a bit too small, it really all depends on the size. For the food coloring you can use black or green or red Time. 10-15 minutes Description. This Challenge uses a two-sided puzzle, with the image of Joseph on one side and the image of Jesus on the other. It makes comparisons between Joseph (of Genesis) and Jesus and shows how Joseph was a preview (or type or shadow) of Jesus that helps us to understand the events of Jesus' life better

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  2. The two big ideas are: 1) Jesus gives us a new life! 2) He is risen (this lesson perfectly sets up a salvation message). Enjoy the object lessons! - Nick Diliberto, Preteen Ministry. P.S. - If you like these two object lessons, then be sure to check out the Awesome Preteen Bundle. The bundle includes a BRAND NEW 4-week preteen series, Guard.
  3. Sample this Salvation Sunday School Lesson from our Arrrmor of God 4-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum! Check out our ARRRmor of God 4-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum. This is a great way to teach kids about the Armor of God in a fun and exciting way. Salvation Sample Lesson Overview: Memory Verse: Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil's.
  4. The world around us is full of items useful for interesting and meaningful object lessons. Dr. Ryrie uses pencils, light bulbs, sunglasses, and even the air around us to illustrate truths about salvation and the Christian life. All 100 objects are simple and easy to find, and the lessons can be used for any group of any age
  5. g a trick. The acrobats would place a plate on a stick on the arm and start spinning it
  6. This lesson is about salvation and rewards. We want to understand clearly what God's Word says about how we are saved. We will also learn about the wonderful rewards which we can earn after we are saved. But first, may I ask you a personal question? It is the most important question in the world
  7. God provided salvation and the assurance of salvation. First, the Holy Spirit is the witness to the believer that he is saved. Thus, assurance is a result of the Spirit's witness. Second, the Holy Spirit assures man only in accordance with God's Word
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Get more advanced with Elementary-aged Sunday School lessons and curriculum on topics like the fruit of the spirit and salvation. These free Sunday School lessons are ready for you to use beginning this Sunday. Sunday School Lesson: Fruit of the Spirit Children's Ministry Deals Wednesday, July 10, 2019 . The Fruits of the Spirit are all. Object Lessons; 30 Printable Prayer Stations for Kids. Christmas Lesson About Salvation Using Pinecones! By: Mary Kate 2 Comments (Photo from greeneyed.com) Christmas is so full of activity. Sometimes the best lessons are like the Nativity — simple, easy, and heartfelt. This Christmas lesson is one of those 1 John 5:11-12 And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life. There Are THREE grounds for your assurance: • The Person of GOD. o Titus 1: 2 In hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie, promised before the.

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  1. ently. Zacchaeus Met Jesus Teaching Picture Every lesson from God's Unfolding Story for Older Preschoolers includes a full-color teaching picture for use in teaching the lesson
  2. This was a great Good Friday Object Lesson for my Sunday School Class. All the ages understood the point that Jesus did Sacrifice for us on the Cross. He die and took on all our Sins. It was a great illustration leading up to Easter Sunday when we focus on the Resurrection Story
  3. d and soul are calm and peaceful. Clean and dry a pair of 2-liter bottles. Paint one bottle white with tempera paint and the other bottle black. Secure a small balloon on the neck of each bottle when dried

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Bible Lesson: Romans 1:8-17 KJV The key verse: Romans 1:16 (KJV) - For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek. (Pop-up references come from The New Living Translation courtesy of Faithlife Reftagger) What shall we learn from this. A Gift to Strengthen You (The Power of the Gospel) Romans 1:8-17. July 11 Background Reading: Romans 1 Devotional Reading: Psalm 71:1-6, 17-24. Keep in Mind: For I am not ashamed of the gospel; it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who has faith, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. (Romans 1:16, NRSV). Lesson Aim: DISCERN the power of God as illustrated in Paul's faith.

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To Remember: Baptism (being born again) is necessary for salvation . Vocabulary. Baptism: immersion in water for forgiveness . Lesson - Read John 3:1-6; 16 . Nicodemus was a Jewish leader who had seen the miracles Jesus had done. He believed that Jesus had the power and approval of God, but was afraid to be seen with Jesus in daylight Object Lesson - Jelly Bean Salvation Use 5 colors of Easter Jelly beans to tell the Gospel. www.CreativeEasterIdeas.com www.CreativeYouthIdeas.com Materials Jelly Beans of each color below: Yellow. Children often learn about forgiveness alongside such scriptures as, Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you (Ephesians 4:32). However, young children sometimes have trouble understanding their need for forgiveness because it is not.

SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON: July 11, 2021 July 05, 2021 - July 12, 2021 Time: 9:00 AM The Power of the Gospel Background: Romans 1 Devotional Reading: Psalm 71:1-6, 17-24 Keep in Mind For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to th Greek International Sunday School Sunday, July 11, 2021: Power of the Gospel Commentary (The ISSL Curriculum) Sunday, July 11, 2021 Lesson: Romans 1:8-17; Time of Action: 56 A.D.; Place of Action: From Corinth Golden Text: For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation t Unit 2: Prophets of Restoration. By the end of this lesson, we will IDENTIFY the connections between the Suffering Servant in Isaiah 52:13-53:12 and the resurrected Christ in Luke 24, AFFIRM the joy of knowing the Suffering Servant is the resurrected Jesus Christ, and SHARE the story of the Suffering Servant, who is the resurrected Jesus Christ Sunday School. The mission of Sunday school is to develop Christ-like character in ordinary people through time-tested spiritual disciplines of Scripture study and memorization, prayer, and activities. The objective is the salvation and nurturing of souls to the honor and glory of God as well as building interpersonal relationships Sunday School Lesson April 4, 2021 Rev. Mark A. Seals, M.Div., Instructor/Teacher Lesson—Salvation is Sealed Text: Luke 24:13-16, 22-35 I. Aim for Change/Learning Objectives By the end of this lesson, we will 1. IDENTIFY the connections between the Suffering Servant in Isaiah 52:13-53:12 and the resurrected Christ in Luke 24, 2 SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSONS for ADULTS. Published by the Church of God at God's Acres 675 North Cedar Street Newark, OH 43055 740.345.7972. Except or Essentials of Salvation