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As a result of that and the limited Supply at rollout, this stamp ranks as one of the rarest on our list of most valuable u.s. stamps. The stamp does not have a watermark. This John Marshall stamp's price starts at $1,250 for used issues with small flaws and can reach $5,000 for unused ones Here is the top 20 of the most rare, expensive and valuable US stamps, sold on public actions and ranged by price. $345,000.00. Inverted jenny, 24c carmine rose and blue. 1. $345,000.00, December 2010, Cherrystone. Inverted jenny, 24c carmine rose and blue, center inverted, position 22 (C3a One of the 90 known stamps of this type. Regency Superior image. This rare US Franklin stamp was created in 1851 and it has 8 varieties. It belongs to the second issue of US postage stamps. This series is not perforated as well as the very first issue. Approximately 90 stamps have been saved, and each of them is considered a true rarity Collectible US Stamps. At Apfelbaum Inc, we have many rare United States stamps for collectors available. One of the most collectible stamps we have available from the U.S. is the Ben Franklin stamp. If you are just starting to build up your United States stamp collection, it is best to start with a time period or stamp theme Jan 20, 2021 - Explore La Dolca Vita's board 100 Most Valuable Stamps, followed by 916 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about rare stamps, stamp collecting, postage stamps

Country: U.S. A popular stamp issued at the time of Civil War, the one-cent design used Franklin's profile and features a rare Z-grill design with horizontal ridges An list of all the famous stamps in the world. Contains the nick name, picture of the stamp, approximate value, date, issuer and description of the stamp. Index of Rare Stamps - List of Rare and Valuable Stamps for your Collectio The 10 Most Valuable U.S. Stamps Some are firsts, others have printing errors and others are simply rare and old—all factors that make these the most sought-after U.S. stamps. Author The former Postmaster general of the United States is a popular figure to feature on many US postage stamps. The most valuable of all Benjamin Franklin stamps is the 1c Benjamin Franklin Z Grill, sometimes just referred to as the Z Grill. A grill is an embossed pattern on the face of a stamp used to prevent the reuse of stamps

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  1. ently in the country's post stamps. However, out of all the depictions of him, the 1867 3c rose stamp is the most valuable. In 2008, one of these stamps was sold for $900,000. #9 Red Revenue Large Figures Surcharge $1 On a 3c Stamp, 1897. Value: $878,90
  2. g in at $1.2 million. Being the first US stamps to be printed in two colors, these stamps.
  3. A look at some of the most rare and valuable postage stamps issued by the United States in the last 40 years. You may even find one in your own stamp collect..
  4. Mystic 3-volume American Heirloom Stamp Album with 200 Free U.S. Stamps and 1,000 Hinges. High quality 3-volume set with illustrations for over 4,600 stamps with background information and the stories behind them. Modern printing techniques mean sharp images. Stay flat design makes it fun and easy to enjoy your stamps
  5. Rare US Stamps This section is reserved for our US rare stamps. Browse each stamp listed in order according to its Scott number. Read about each stamp in a detailed description explaining why it so rare. Compare our price to the catalogue value, and view an actual scan of that specific stamp for sale

The peculiarity of this philatelic item is that it lacks the country's name -it makes a stamp more interesting and valuable. One of the most eye-appealing of the few existing marginal Two Pence mint multiples (the block of six) was auctioned for $210,000 at Spink sale that took place in June, 2007 Post stamps 1 Cent Benjamin Franklin Rare Perforations Collectible Vintage. $2,000.00. $4.45 shipping. or Best Offer. US Stamp 1912-1922 George Washington 1 Cent, Green, Used 10/11 Perf. VERY RARE. $425.00. Free shipping. or Best Offer Three Rare and Valuable Collectible Stamps . If you're ready to get into rare stamps in a big way, starting with the rarest stamps lets you make a big splash and set up a portfolio of high-value collectibles that is worth money immediately. While pricier to get started, you would have a collection of specimens proven to stand the test of time Throughout U.S. history, stamps have often caused controversy, usually for reasons the post office never anticipated. Here are 11 of the most famous examples: 1934 Whistler's Mother stamp 4.) British Guiana 1-cent Magenta Stamp (1856) Alleged to be the world's rarest and most valuable stamps, these stamps were sold at an auction in 1970 for $280,000. At present, this rare stamp value is estimated over a million dollars. There is only one specimen left for this most expensive ever

Benjamin Franklin 1 Cent usa stamps used Very RARE. $5,896.13. $24.19 shipping. or Best Offer. 50 watching. 1922-26 US Stamp Very Rare 20 Collectible Scott Stamps. Attic treasure! $25,000.00. Free shipping Rare Stamps Rare U.S. Stamps Rare Covers Sort Price (High to Low) Price (Low to High) Alphanumeric Best Sellers Per Page 12 24 48 72 96 117 records. Page 1 Page 2 Page Sold: August 2007; Heritage Auctions, Milwaukee, WI, ANA Signature Coin Auction. A 1944 Lincoln penny struck at the Denver, Colorado mint facility is nothing special. In fact, over 430 million of them were struck. What makes this coin extremely valuable is the fact that it was struck on a zinc-coated steel planchet Most Valuable Stamps in the World. Sang Tan / AP. The first stamp was created in Great Britain on May 1, 1840. It wouldn't take long for people to start collecting them. Just one year later, a woman placed an ad in the London Times seeking cancelled stamps so she could wallpaper her dressing room with them

Here is a list of 10 of the most valuable and rarest postage stamps in history. 10. Basel Dove. The Basel Dove is a stamp issued by the canton of Basel in Switzerland, on 1 July 1845. It was the first tricolor stamp in the world and had a face value of 2.5 rappen The Plate 77 Penny Red is one of the most expensive stamps ever sold in the UK, with a rare version going for £550,000 back in 2012. We round-up the other most valuable stamps Here is the list of most expensive stamps in the world which are very rare: 10. Basel Dove: Basel Dove is the stamp which was issued by the Canton of Basel located in Switzerland in 1845. It is the first tricolor stamp which comes with the face value of 2.5 rappen. It is one of the most famous three Swiss stamps used there as postal stamps

Free Shipping Available. Buy on eBay. Money Back Guarantee US Stamps Scott #5494-5503 5503a Sheet o. nystamps US Stamp # 245 Mint OG H $2400 U18x1352 nystamps US Stamp # 245 Mint OG H $2400. Nystamps US Stamp # 67 Mint OG $27500 e20y Nystamps US Stamp # 67 Mint OG $27500 e2. U.S. #292 Mint BEAUTY - 1898 $1.00 Trans-Mississippi ($. U.S. #292 Mint BEAUTY - 1898 $1.00 Trans Most cancelled, or used, 20th-century U.S. stamps are worth less than the paper they're printed on. But used stamps are priceless in the way they tell the story of America, through images of its presidents, technological achievements, prominent citizens, and natural wonders Jun 5, 2021 - Explore Tannousf's board Most expensive stamps on Pinterest. See more ideas about rare stamps, stamp collecting, postage stamps

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US #1178-82. Complete Set, 1961-65 Civil War Centennial Series. $0.90- $17.50. view now > Historical rare postage stamps at Old-Stamps.com. Old stamps from Europe (esp. Deutsches Reich, East Germany and Austria), America, Australia, Africa, Australia and Asia Ben Franklin Green One 1 Cent U.S. Postage Stamp RARE? C $216.48. Buy It Now. from United States. S 8 p o D C n P s o G r e d X C 6 J Z. 3 CENT LIBERTY US POSTAGE STAMP USED RARE! PURPLE LADY STATUE Of LIBERTY. C $371.11. Buy It Now

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46. Nirvana - Love Buzz / Big Cheese ($3,097.50) 45. World's Experience Orchestra - The Beginning Of A New Birth ($3,540) 44. Tudor Lodge - Tudor Lodge ($3,540) 43. The Smiths - Hand In. 1. Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks - Estimated Value $1700. Frankenstein and his monster are part of the creative commons now, and have been for some time, which means that anyone can make a Frankenstein movie or book without getting sued. You can pretty much make a Frankenstein anything. I know what you're thinking The stamp that was only one cent was sold in 2005 by Sundman to Bill Gross for $3 million. 1. The Treskilling Yellow. It is placed on the top of the list for the most expensive postage stamps in the world. It is a Swedish postage stamp that is also known as the Yellow three-skilling banco The 1932 U.S. Caramel set is one of the most desirable and challenging prewar sets in the hobby. Babe Ruth's card is the key and most valuable of the 32 card set. If you remember, during Game 3 of the 1932 World Series against the Chicago Cubs, Babe Ruth made his famous Called Shot

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I also have other Vintage Stamps from the 1800's-1950's from Foreign Country's . And a lot of German Inflation stamps from the 1930's. Most of the Coin and Stamp places where I live in the United States , in Los Angeles, California. That Map Stamp Price realized: 138,000 This lot provoked the debate immediately after its creation. Some people considered that the image of the kangaroo replaced the image of the king. Other people thought the design was not up to the mark. Nonetheless, this is one of the most valuable stamps of this country. The lot was sold in New York 12 years ago These are known as bluish paper stamps, and can best be distinguished by comparing the backs of the stamps against those of known 100% wood-pulp content. See comparison below. These stamps were printed in 10 denominations: 1 cent, 2 cents, 3 cents, 4 cents, 5 cents, 6 cents, 8 cents, 10 cents, 13 cents and 15 cents. All are uncommon to very rare Indeed, rare old stamps can be worth high amounts of money. This is from a collectible perspective. If you are asking whether an old stamp can still be used for postage, that depends on the currency stamped on it and the postal service's rules on the use of older stamps. Just take care not to send a rare, valuable old stamp as modern postage Last updated November 25, 2018 U.S. 1st Issue Revenue Stamps 1862-1871. The table below lists all the major varieties for the first issue of U.S. Revenues. If I own a particular variety, you will see a thumbnail link to a full-size image of the stamp(s); an entry without a thumbnail means I still need the stamp

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Mostly Rare U.S. Postage Stamps.To all my kind viewers: If you want to get to know me on a personal level, check my true life book and see what cha.. We are using our database of nearly every US coin ever produced (6,000+ coins) based on year, rarity, mint mark, major varieties, errors and their associated price values to come up with a list of the top most valuable coins known. Our most valuable coins list includes coins starting in 1793 up to the present (2021). This list and the prices. The Most Valuable Stamps Ever Printed: Top Rare Old Stamps Worth Money. Here then is a reviewed list of the most valuable stamps in the world today: 1. British Guiana 1c Magenta - The Most Valuable Stamp. The British Guiana One Cent Black on Magenta is the rarest and most valuable British stamp in the world to have ever been printed 10 Most Expensive Stamps. Blue meant that there was a single paper, yellow indicated ten and rose indicated 50. In 1858, the rare stamp was all but forgotten when Franz Joseph became the new face of stamps. It is unknown how many Red Mercury stamps still exist. NEXT: Top 10 Most Popular Royal British Name a strip of 12 from the last vertical row and the stamp ex R9/5 is described as having the green 99% missing. Thus partial omissions are found on rows 5 and 9 and totalling missing on rows 6, 7 and 8 (15 stamps). October 1964 - 50th Anniversary of South African Nursing. 12½c Gold omitted SG 257a or SACC 249a

20 000. 16 000. Austria. The most expensive and famous postage stamps of Austria on a sepcial page. France. 1 Franc orange red , 1849. 30 000. 10 000 Sparky. Aptly named, Sparky is a dalmatian first introduced in 1996. Sparky was retired in 1997 and can go for as much as $55K. But you can get even more money for your Sparky —approximately.

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50 of the most valuable vinyl records. 50) Steel City Connection - Dansation/Steel City Disco - £500 49) Thriller/Delta Cats - Last Dance/Unworthy Baby - £1,000 48) The Velvet Underground & Nico - The Velvet Underground & Nico - £1,000 47) Terea - Terea - £1,000 46) Nirvana - Love Buzz/Big Cheese - £1,750 45) World's Experience Orchestra - The Beginning Of A New. Rare Stamps contains a full list of famous and valuable stamps in the world today. You can learn about the postal history, and appreciate the various circumstances in history that has made these stamps famous Three pearls (1908) - A very rare Russian stamp with Three pears design; 15-20 specimens may exist RSFSR [ edit ] Consular poltinnik [ ru ] (1922) - A rare 50-kopeck Russian consular tax stamp with Air Post and 1,200m overprint; estimated 50-75 specimens in existence; overprint type IV occurs only twice per setting of 25, hence only.

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Top 100 Most Valuable Comic Books of the Golden Age (1938-1956) The 100 Most Valuable Comic Books from Each Age. This page will deal with the most valuable of all, Golden Age comic books. We will say that the Golden Age begins in 1938 and ends in 1956, when the Silver Age began This specimen of the King of U.S. Coins is the finest known example of the 1804 Silver Dollar and is graded Proof-68 by Professional Coin Grading Service. When this coin sold in August of 1999, it became the world's most valuable coin to date. It easily beat the previous record-holder (another 1804 silver dollar) by over two times the amount (Rare Holo) $177.07. Charizard 100/97 EX Dragon (Rare Holo) $175.00. Lugia 149/147 Aquapolis (Rare Holo) $168.33. Chandelure 101/99 Next Destinies (Rare) $159.84. Ultra Ball 122/116 Plasma Freeze (Rare Secret) $159.69. Altaria 152/149 Boundaries Crossed (Rare Holo) $159.69. Charizard δ 4/100 EX Crystal Guardians (Rare Holo) $157.03. Treecko.

Visualizing the Top 50 Most Valuable Global Brands. For many brands, it has been a devastating year to say the least. Over half of the most valuable global brands have experienced a decline in brand value, a measure that takes financial projections, brand roles in purchase decisions, and strengths against competitors into consideration. But where some have faltered, others have asserted their. Australia Stamps The Stamps and Postal History. Australia stamps and postal history of has two identifiable periods, the first covering the 'Australian States' and the latter, from 1913, when the newly formed Commonwealth of Australia stamps were inscribed 'Australia'. A kangaroo was incorporated into the design of the first Australia stamps, in order to demonstrate this new level of. This rare example of a 1910 2d Tyrian Plum realised £48,300 at a Warwick & Warwick auction. Issued before 1960: The best way to think of a stamp collector is as an archaeologist of postal history, who consider stamps and covers as valuable artefacts. The most valuable items tend to be rare with a good historical story China holds five top websites: Baidu (#7), QQ (#34), Bilibili (#42), TikTok (#43), and AliExpress (#47). The Tencent-owned QQ.com, ranks as the top news site in China, with over 981 million monthly visits. Like WeChat, QQ also provides a popular messaging platform. Just four of the most visited websites globally are based in both Russia and. GOBankingRates then used the top 50 highest team values (factor 1) to determine its final rankings. Factors (2-3) and factors (10-12) were included in the final top 50 as supplemental data. All.

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One of the top 10 most valuable United States stamps when meeting qualifications which would make this a very rare find. One of these, a B. Grill sold at auction for $900,000 in 2008. This is now 11 years later and this one is available now. It looks to be an E. Grill but B. Grill is not out of the question. The stamp is kept safely in bank vault Often times the difference between the (cheap) regular stamp and the (valuable) variety is non-existing to bare eye, and one has to have both the knowledge and tools to discover the precious gem. Take for example this stamp: A similar looking stamp can be found easily on most stamp collections, very likely one or two are in your hands too

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Andi Herzog Lenticular Stamp - $8.42. Old stamps aren't the only expensive stamps, though. While it isn't likely that anyone will ever pay millions of dollars for a new stamp, Austrians were recently given the option of buying the most expensive stamp in print. This revolutionary stamp isn't any ordinary stamp, of course The market for the rarest stamps continues to be strong. The rare 1800s and early 1900s U.S. Commemoratives in 'LIKE NEW' condition are very much sought after and sell quickly at high prices. Beginning in the late 1920s, stamps were mass-produced by the postal authorities world-wide to meet collector demand and thus they are quite common Flat-plate prints of the 1¢ Franklin stamp with gauge 11 perforations issued in panes of 100 are listed as Scott 552, with a minimum current catalog value of 25¢ either used or unused. Five single Scott 596 stamps are recorded with ordinary postal cancellations. In that condition the catalog value in the grade of fine is $150,000

13. David Feldman SA. United States About Blog David Feldman has established itself as one of the world's leading stamps auction houses for almost 50 years. We enjoy close relationships with the most important stamps collectors as well as an extraordinary track record reflected in a number of philatelic world records Postage stamps have their own corresponding values. Old postage stamps, especially the rare stamps, are worth more than the newer stamps. The value of old postage stamps depends on the availability of similar stamp specimens. This means that the rarer your old postage stamp is, the more valuable it will be Our survey included some 2700 different stamps with an aggregate value of over $12 million. It shows that in the last 3 years US stamp have appreciated only 1.3% on average which is an. For example a used (or unused) U.S. $17.50 stamp is much more valuable than most 44¢ stamps. However, during periods of great inflation, such as in Germany in 1923, postage rates in those countries required the use of stamps with very high denominations to mail ordinary letters For stamp lovers, rare postage stamps are always their target. As time goes by, its value may increase significantly. And China stamps are among some of the most famous, rare, and valuable stamps in the world. Here is a list of the top 10 rare and valuable China stamps you should know. 1. Marine Customs Post Large Dragons 海关大龙

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Top 100 Most Expensive Cards (All Cards) Last Updated - Jul 6 2021 at 4:04 PM All Common Uncommon Rare Rare Holo (Rare Holo) $66.50. Porygon-Z LV.X 100/100 Majestic Dawn (Rare Holo LV.X) $64.76. Ninetales ex 96/101 EX Hidden Legends (Rare Holo) $64.35. Hippowdon LV.X 107/11 Wondering what your old U.S. stamps are worth? Hobbizine stamp value guides list prices in new and used condition. 1908 marks the start of the Washington-Franklin era - for many it is the golden age of stamp collecting GOBankingRates then used the top 50 highest team values (factor 1) to determine its final rankings. Factors (2-3) and factors (10-12) were included in the final top 50 as supplemental data. All. U.S. Stamps produced over the past 70 years or so are not usually valuable As you might be able to tell, it is sometimes easier for beginners to start by finding out what is not valuable rather than trying to dive into research on some of the most valuable stamps out there

Gifts under $50 Gift cards This is a great collection of old rare postage stamps. Stamps from 1900+. This is a absolute steal. All stamps included in price. 3 cent Washington postage stamp / U.S. postage stamp UniqueTreasureHouse $ 1,200.00 FREE shipping Add to Favorites. Amazing Spider-Man #667 Gabriele Dell'Otto variant. Record sale: $20,000 Minimum value: $2,500. Check Values | Have Yours Appraised. Read our price guide to The most valuable comic books of Variant Comics. The legendary variant of Amazing Spider-Man #667 is a relatively rare comic book, especially by modern age standards.. There are 48 in the census, including 18 in CGC 9.8 and 17 in CGC 9.6 Herewith, we provide a list of the top 10 most valuable Franklin Mint silver sets. Word of warning: these sets have value only when they are made of sterling silver or gold-plated sterling silver. Often, an economy priced set was issued made of bronze or pewter, and these versions have very little if any value Stamps by Country. As one of the world's largest stamp companies, we're interested in stamps from every corner of the world! Select your stamp area of interest: All Countries A-Z. British Commonwealth The normal 1c stamp of the 1902 series (Scott 300) was issued in early 1903. However, the booklets were not issued until March 6, 1907. Little interest in them was shown by collectors at the time. This was the first 1c booklet pane issued by the U.S and it was quickly superseded by the 1c 1908 series booklet, Scott 331a, in December of 1908

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However, by the 21st century, certain Chinese stamps have become quite valuable. Stamp collecting is a growing hobby in many Asian countries, so stamps from Hong Kong, Japan and India are popular. Similarly, stamps from the U.S., U.K. and British Commonwealth countries — most of which were once under British rule — remain top sellers US Postage Stamps By Scott Catalog Number. $36.50 $29.50. 1925 U.S. Norse-American Stamp pair featuring the 2 cent Sloop Restaurationen stamp and 5 cent Viking stamp. $6.95 $5.50. 1927 U.S. 644 Burgoyne Campaign 2 cent Stamp featuring the John Trumbull painting The Surrender of General Burgoyne at Saratoga. $5.95 $4.75 This makes a significant difference in the value of most stamps. This picture gives you a good look at what is meant. The stamp on the left is mint. It has never been used as postage. The stamp on the right has the black cancellation mark on it. That stamp was used as postage and is consequently less valuable. Even though they are the same stamp Estimated PSA 10 Value: $11,000. The most valuable of all the Fleer Jordan stickers on this list was actually not his first. It's his 1988 Fleer sticker that tops the list. PSA 10 Gem Mint copies have actually been seen selling for over $20,000 in the past so the estimate above may be a bit low See the list of the most active stocks today, including share price change and percentage, trading volume, intraday highs and lows, and day charts